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FlexiSpot CompactRiser M5 Standing Desk 27″ / 32″



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Color: BLACK

The Flexispot CompactRiser is a range of height adjustable sit to stand desktops. It comes in 2 sizes, both with wide and deep surface to accommodate your devices, documents and more, but slim enough to fit in corner workstations. The keyboard tray is ergonomically designed and allows you to work comfortably without putting too much stress on your shoulders and neck.

The CompactRiser is ideal for settings with limited spaces and transitions between sitting and standing work modes with ease and comfort. The M5 has a 27" work surface and supports a single monitor up to 27" while the M5M has a 32” work surface and can support up to two 24” monitors.



Adjust easily to match your perfect desk height

Instead of being limited by the pre-determined heights of comparable standing desk converters, you have the flexibility to easily adjust our standing desk riser to match your specific height requirements

More ergonomically correct workstation

The keyboard tray conveniently drops down in front of the desk riser and rests flush against the surface of your workstation so you don’t need to raise your chair to an uncomfortably high seated position



  • Easy one-step assembly.
  • Available in two size options.
  • Gas spring mechanism for one-touch adjustments.
  • Wide and ergonomic quick release keyboard platform.
  • Compatibility with ergonomically designed monitor mounts.
  • Easily adjusts to match desired desk height, no predetermined heights.
  • Spacious work surface can accommodate multiple displays and/or gadgets.



Weight Capacity

33 lbs  (M5)

33 lbs (M5M)

Desktop Dimensions

26.8"(W) x 20.9"(D)

31.5"(W) x 20.9"(D)

Keyboard Platform Dimensions

26.8"(W) x 12.2"(D)

31"(W) x 12.2"(D)

Height Adjustability Range

6.7" - 16.9"

6.7" - 16.9"

Color Options

Black (M5B), White (M5W), Mahogany (M5N)

Black (M5MB), White (M5MW), Mahogany (M5MN)


Fiberboard & steel

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