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Mousetrapper Prime #MT111

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Using conventional mouse requires that you apply more pressure on the one hand that holds the mouse, which could ultimately lead to work-related upper limb disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Worse, you can become at risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury from overusing your arm.

This is why Mousetrapper Prime comes highly recommended. Its super slim, ergonomic design is intended to reduce the strain on your neck, shoulder and arm while working on your computer. Positioned vertically parallel to your keyboard, it eliminates the need for you to extend your one arm beyond the keyboard every time you work.

It comes with wide wrist cushions for added comfort and a folding keyboard support to suit new low profile keyboards as well as high-profile standard keyboards. It also has programmable buttons so you can customize the functionalities to suit your preferences. You simply need to download the MT keys, available for both Mac and PC.




Track Pad

Click and scroll function

Wired or Wireless

Both; USB connector

Programmable Buttons

Yes; 8 in total; Download  MT keys


2000 dpi

Compatible with Mac and/or PC



480 mm


20 mm


110 mm


720 g



Operating System

Mac OS 10 or Windows 7 or later, or later



  • Option to work wirelessly via USB.
  • Folding non-slip keyboard support.
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries.
  • 6 months of battery life between charges.
  • Unique roller pad with click and scroll options.
  • Programmable buttons for convenience and versatility