We are in front of our computers every day for work and leisure. At some point in our
monitor-user experience we have had to deal with physical setbacks like stiff necks, back and shoulder strains, or wished for a better computer setup for improved work and gaming efficiency. Well, look no further, Jestik Horizon has all the monitor accessories you need.


Jestik Monitor mounts for desk

Jestik offers a variety of single monitor mounts and dual monitor mounts that boast
ergonomic design. Each one has a variety of mounting configurations, landscape to portrait monitor display rotation, integrated cable management system that easily routes and conceals cables, quick height adjustment, durable construction, and a nice-looking exterior to boot. The single and dual monitor mounts have the durability suitable for retail

What you need a monitor mount arm for

A healthy work environment facilitates improved productivity and overall health. With the
use of monitor arm desk mounts, reducing body soreness when working with our computers has been made possible. A monitor arm allows you to conveniently adjust the height, depth and even angle of your monitor. Jestik has an array of dual monitor arms that include static side-by-side monitor arms, articulating monitor arms, two-tiered and expandable monitor arms.


All the monitor mounts and arms at Jestik have common product highlights. The Jestik
quick release feature allows you to swap monitors or upgrade to a new monitor easily. They are fitted with an adjustable monitor stand to give you full range of motion, as well as a heavy duty industrial-grade base so your monitor stand won’t wobble on your desk. The monitors are also protected with anti-theft kit that ensures the monitors stay exactly where you left them.

Jestik is a company made by gamers, so each product they roll out is made sure to cover all the features needed to ensure gaming and working comfort.