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Mousetrapper Flexible



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Color: Black

Have you been suffering from chronic pain on your shoulder, neck and back from using conventional mouse? Then you need an ergonomically designed product that does not put too much pressure on your arms back and shoulder.

Mousetrapper Flexible is a specially designed product that keeps you from overusing your one arm when working on your computer, which is generally the case when using conventional mouse. Positioned right below your keyboard, Flexible encourages a healthy posture as well as eliminate the need to overstretch one arm which can often lead to frozen shoulder or even Repetitive Strain Injury.

Moreover, Flexible is the handiest product in the Mousetrapper range. It is small, lightweight and wireless so you can easily take it with you when moving from one workplace to another. It is suitable in limited work spaces too!



Track Pad: Click and scroll function

Wired or Wireless Both: USB connector

Programmable Buttons: Yes; 9 in total; Use MT keys

Resolution: 1500 dpi

Compatible with Mac and/or PC: Both

Width: 300 mm

Height: 19 mm

Depth: 95 mm

Weight: 300 g

Color: Black or White

Operating System: Mac OS 10 or Windows 7 or later, or later



  • Programmable buttons
  • Smooth gliding roller pads
  • Ideal for tight workspaces
  • Handy when moving workplaces
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Compact, lightweight and wireless

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