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Sit Stand Workstations

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Jestik Sit Stand Workstations

Move Freely, Stay Active With Our Sit-Stand Workstations.

Featuring research-driven design elements that work in harmony with the human body, you can create a work or gaming space that’s both healthy and productive with our superior range of sit-stand workstations.


It has long been established that being chained to your desk during your work day is harmful for your health. A myriad of dangerous health issues are related with too much sitting. Our sit-stand workstations are the perfect solution to giving you a healthy mix of movement – to be able to constantly sit or stand whenever needed and still be productive.


Depending on your needs, you can choose from single, dual, triple to quad sit-stand workstations. Whatever it is that you might prefer, all our sit-stand workstations are designed with built-to-last durability, offers space-saving solutions and ergonomic versatility.


Stable support is provided for your monitors through its solid steel construction. You can be assured that your screens will be free of any wobbling or unnecessary movements. Its height adjustable features allow you to position your screens exactly the way you want them.


Additional features include an expansive work surface that makes room for all your necessities. An internal cable management system ensures that you can organize and route wires to give you a tidy, uncluttered space that’s free of any physical hazards.


Our expert team of designers has worked closely with our manufacturers to produce sit top quality stand workstations that are affordable and answers your needs to move freely and stay active at work or play.


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