Ergo Desktop Wallaby

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The Wallaby single monitor desktop will easily transform your workstation from static to dynamic. The work surface is height adjustable designed to maintain the same height distance between monitor and work surface throughout.

While you can adjust the distance between the monitor and the workstation, once locked,the monitor will move simultaneously with with the work surface.

The monitor is held by a VESA bracket which you can tilt, pane and rotate. The solid steel base is very stable. When used standing, use the stabilization leg.



Weight capacity

Supports 1 15 lbs monitor

Monitor Height Range

Up to 7” from work surface

Platform Size

28" W x 24" D

Platform Height Adjustment

16.5" above your desk


Solid steel plate, 17.5" W x 16" D

VESA Compatibility

Standard VESA (75mm & 100mm)





  • VESA compatible bracket can hold a monitor up to 15 lbs.
  • Stopping bolt feature locks location of main work surface.
  • Main work surface is adjustable 16.5" above your desk.
  • Main work surface measures 28" wide by 24" deep.

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