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HealthPostures 6252 Surface TaskMate Standing Workstation with Platform

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The Surface TaskMate standing workstation is the most ideal electric lift way out for both professionals and simple home buddies to stay standing while working.

This dense, flexible sit electric lift desk can be situated on top of any work surface or just around any corner which allows you quick and simple height changes especially handy if numerous workers are using the same workspace as you do throughout the day.  The huge workstation platform also enables you to perform a wide selection of tasks in a much easier way.

The HealthPosture SurfaceTaskMate makes you transform your work environment into a well-designed and the most comfortable place you have in mind.



Color: Black
Capacity: Can lift up to 75lbs
Large 24” x 18” work surface

Other Features

Easy-to-push toggle switch in the center of unit
Good enough on any surface with at least 20” x 15” of available space
Made in USA