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Kinesis Advantage360 Split Ergonomic Keyboard Professional Wireless or Wired, KB360-PRO-GBR or KB360-GBR

by Kinesis


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$429.00 - $489.00
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Kinesis Advantage360 Professional Wireless and Wired Split Keyboard

Looking for an ergonomic keyboard that won't tie you down? The Kinesis Advantage360 Professional is the perfect solution. This wireless keyboard features our patented contoured keyboard design, now in a fully split form factor for even more ergonomic adjustability. Separate the two key modules to shoulder-width and rotate them to reduce painful ulnar deviation. And use the integrated tenting mechanism to choose from one of three heights.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can ditch the link cable and move around freely. The Pro uses the open source ZMK firmware for vast customization options for power-users. So whether you're looking for a compact keyboard for your home office or a fully customizable solution for your business, the Kinesis Advantage360 Professional has you covered.

As the market leader in computer ergonomics, Kinesis has been designing and building premium-grade ergonomic keyboards for more than 25 years. The all-new Advantage 360 features our patented Contoured keyboard design now in a fully split form factor for even more ergonomic adjustability.

Separate the two key modules to shoulder-width and rotate them to reduce painful ulnar deviation. And use the integrated tenting mechanism to choose from one of three heights (High, Medium, and Low) to reduce forearm pronation.

The Advantage360 Professional features low-force tactile “brown” mechanical key switches and shine-through ABS plastic to allow for global white LED backlighting when enabled.

The Pro uses open source ZMK firmware so power users can customize their keyboard layout and settings, and design new features and functionality and share them with the Kinesis community.

Compact Split Keyboard Layout

Thanks to its tenkeyless layout, you can position your mouse to the side or in the middle for less “over-reach” strain.

Signature Thumb Keys

Use stronger thumbs rather than weaker pinkies to access heavily used keys like Space, Backspace, and Enter.

Optional Fixed Split

Not ready for full adjustability? Attach the included bridge connector for the traditional Advantage separation.

Advantage 360 Adjustable Split

Separate and rotate modules independently to keep wrists straight and reduce ulnar deviation.

3-Way Adjustable Tenting

Tenting elevates the thumb side of the hand to reduce forearm pronation caused by flat keyboards.

Integrated Palm Support

Palm supports and cushioned palm pads* promote neutral typing position to reduce wrist extension. *Sold separately

Kinesis 360 Professional Wireless and Wired Split Keyboard Features:

  • Concave keywells are scooped into a bowl shape to reduce hand and finger extension and relax muscles.
  • Separating the keywells positions the arms at shoulder-width to keep wrists straight and perpendicular to the home row to reduce abduction and ulnar deviation.
  • The keys are arranged in vertical columns (rather than staggered) to better reflect the natural motion of your fingers.
  • The two keywells are “tented” to moderately raising the thumb side of the hand. Tenting puts you in a more neutral, “handshake” posture and reduces the stresses caused by forearm pronation. Choose from one of three heights depending on your preferences.
  • The integrated palm supports reduce stressful bending of the wrists and provide a convenient place to rest your hands when you are not actively typing. Add the new premium pads for even more support (AC360PP Sold Separately) .
  • The thumb clusters include frequently-used keys such as Enter, Space, Backspace, and Delete to redistribute the workload away from your relatively weaker and overused little fingers to stronger thumbs.
  • The Advantage360 may look big, but it actually has a smaller footprint than most keyboards because we eliminated the numeric 10-key so you can place the mouse closer to your body, reducing painful “over-reach”.
  • Functions keys are located in the number row and accessed via the Fn Key for reduce reach and enhanced portability.

Mechanical Key Switches

The Advantage360 Professional utilizes the Gateron Brown stem low-force tactile key switches. “Tactility” is a slightly elevated force around the midpoint of the stroke of the key which lets you know the switch is about to be activated. A tactile response is preferred by many ergonomists, because it cues your fingers that activation is about to occur and can reduce the frequency of “bottoming out” the switch with a hard impact.

Unlike the base model which uses Kinesis’ propreitary SmartSet Engine, the Pro uses open souce ZMK firmware. Program the keyboard using the web-based configurator or simple text syntax. Power users can access the code on GitHub to build and share their own features.

Note: The Advantage360 Professional is designed for power users and is not nearly as easy to program as Advantage360 with SmartSet. ZMK does not support onboard programming so users who rely on that feature may not be satisfied with the Pro.

ZMK Configurator
The Advantage360 Professional GUI leverages an open-source, web-based application designed by Nick Coutsos. Add layers, customize actions, and configure basic macros.

Integrated Tenting
With a press of a button easily switch between 3 tent settings (low, medium, and high) to reduce forearm tension. The low setting replicates the same tenting angle as the original contoured keyboards.

Kinesis 360 Professional Wireless and Wired Specifications:

Plug-and-Play compatible with all USB operating systems (no special drivers required)

  • Windows 7-11
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Chrome

Multichannel Bluetooth & Rechargeable Batteries

  • Wireless Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)
  • Range: ~30 feet
  • Battery: 1500 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion (Estimated Lifespan: 3 years, we plan to offer replacement batteries for sale)
  • Battery life: Backlighting On: 1-5 days / Backlighting Off: 1-3 months
  • Multichannel: Switch instantly between 5 Bluetooth-enabled devices

Mechanical Key Switches (Gateron Brown KS-9)

  • Peak Force: 55 grams
  • Activation Force: 45 grams
  • Travel Distance: 4.1 mm
  • Keycaps are shine-through ABS plastic to allow for global white LED backlighting when enabled

Dimensions & warranty

  • Distance between F & J Keys: Min: 7.25 inches; Max: Up to the wireless pairing range
  • Width of each module: 7.5 inches
  • Min Separation: 15.25 inches; Max Separation: Up to the wireless pairing range
  • Depth (front-to-back): 8 inches
  • Height: Min 2.75 inches / Max 4 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs 4.5 oz
  • USB C Charging Cables: Braided, 6 feet 3 inches
  • Warranty: 3 year limited
  • Package Contents: Keyboard, Charging Cable (x2), Quick Start Guide, extra keycaps including 4 Mac modifiers, keycap puller, and Bridge Connector

Integrated Tenting
With a press of a button, easily switch between 3 tent settings (low, medium and high) to reduce forearm tension. The low setting replicates the same tenting angle as the original contoured keyboards.

  • Low Classic Tent
  • Medium Tent
  • High Tent



Kinesis 360 Professional Wireless and Wired Specifications:

Resources and FAQ

Does the pro have all the newest ZMK features? 

It does now

Since we started building the Pro 360 firmware the ZMK team has made some exciting new advances in the core firmware. In October 2022 we released a V2.0 firmware update that incorporates all the latest ZMK features. If you purchased your Advantage360 Pro before that you can get access to V2.0 from GitHub.

How many layers does the 360 have?

You guys asked for more layers, so that’s what you get

Both 360 models 3 defaults layers easily accessible from the factory:

  1. The Top layer which has all your alphanumerics and other commonly used keys,
  2. The Keypad layer for your 10-key. Tap the “KP” to toggle in and out of the Keypad layer.
  3. The new Fn layer which has your 12 function keys. Hold either of the new “Fn” keys to shift in and out of the Fn layer.

Both keyboards support moving the layer-access keys and changing their behavior (shift or toggle) to make navigating layers a breeze!

Need more layers?

SmartSet Model: And there are two additional layers (Fn2 and Fn3) that are fully programmable and can be accessed however you want.

Pro Model: Add dozens more layers using

Missing an action? Not to worry, you can insert just about any keyboard action on any key using the Smartset App (Windows/Mac) or the Pro model Programming GUI.

Should I get the professional model, or the base model?

Yes… maybe… probably…

The Pro model has a number of advantages over the base 360 model, namely optional Bluetooth, wireless linking, and backlighting. If any of those features are important to you than the Pro is a no brainer. Over the years our users have clamoured for an open-source option for their Advantage so for those folks, the Pro will be a welcome sight. ZMK is much newer than the more familiar QMK, but it was optimized for low-latency Bluetooth.

But we call it the “Professional” version for a reason, open-source has powerful tools but its not as user-friendly as SmartSet. If you prefer to use onboard programming to quickly reconfigure your keyboard, which is a hallmark of Kinesis’s SmartSet Engine, you’ll want to stick with the base model.

What's the difference between the keycaps? 

This one is easy…

SmartSet Model features Dye-Sublimation PBT keycaps: These are premium keycaps that are more resistant to sheen and and fade.

Professional Model features Shine-Through ABS keycaps: The Pro model features white backlighting so to support working in a low-light environment these keycaps are used so the legends illuminate.

If you don’t like the standard keycaps offered with your keyboard of choice, you can retrofit any of our 3 accessory sets: QWERTY PBT, Dvorak PBT, and Blank PBT.


How long will the pro batteries last?

The Pro model features dual 1500 MAH, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries

If you are using the keyboard with the backlighting on (a major power drain) the batteries should last for a full work day or two. If you have the backlighting turned off, you should be able to go several months on a full charge.

The Pro has a 30 second timer so if you step away from your keyboard for a moment it will go to sleep to preserve battery life, but wake up quickly when you return. And there is a handy on/off switch if you are travelling with your keyboard or want to ensure that it goes into deep sleep for maximum power conservation.

For extended battery life, make sure you are running the V2.0 Firmware or later (available on GitHub).

Do you have a bridge connector?


We designed the Advantage 360 specifically to be used as a fully separable keyboard for maximum ergonomic benefits. We suspect most people will chuck the bridge in the garbage and never give it another thought.

However, we know there are many long-time contoured keyboards users who want the new features but aren’t ready to make the jump to a split keyboard. We engineered the bridge to quickly snap into place to recreate the classic separation found on earlier one piece models.

Is the the Advantage 360 hot-swappable?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I use the Pro model over USB?

Yes, but there is a major “but”…

When the left module is plugged into a PC it sends keystrokes over USB, not bluetooth. However, the left and right sides always communicate wirelessly. You can plug the right module into a PC, but it is not designed to send keystrokes at this time, just charge the battery.

Each module only has a single port as the traditional link cable location has been repurposed for an on/off switch.

What happened to the Mac, PC and Dvorak mode?

They are gone, but…

SmartSet Model: To simplify things for the vast majority of users we eliminated Thumb Key Modes and Dvorak Mode. On the base model keyboard with the SmartSet Engine, you have 9 fully-programmable Profiles and you can individually remap the thumb keys to whichever modifiers you like (Extra Mac keycaps are still included) or you can use the SmartSet App to choose from Mac and Linux “Quick Thumb Keys”.

Dvorak (and Colemak, and Workman) users will want to use the Alternate Layouts option in the SmartSet App to quickly reconfigure any of the 5 layers for non-QWERTY. Further customization can be made from there.

Pro Model: users will need to manually build a custom layout using GitHub or the GUI.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Never had a better keyboard

Kinesis hit the ball out of the park with this model. I'm a software engineer and spend most days doing hours of coding and typing emails/Slack/documentation; I can't imagine working without this keyboard. I use Karabiner Elements for all of my keyboard layering and remapping and haven't had a need to customize the firmware yet so it's been a great drop-in replacement from the older Kinesis Advantage models I've used over the last 10 years. It's really easy to switch the keyboard over to different systems when you're paired via bluetooth. I have two Macs and just hit Mod-1 for system 1 and Mod-2 for system 2 and the keyboard switches seamlessly. This model proved to be worth the months of waiting for it to be released.

Matt Herndon
Great keyboard

Been waiting for a split version of the Advantage for over a decade and this delivers. I had to move a few keys around and remap them to make it suit me, but once that is done it has been great. The github interface is a little slow, but fine honestly. I've been on a regular keyboard for the past few months cause my old Freestyle died and I was waiting for this. It was worth the wait for sure, but it's taken a few days to get used to it. I'm now up past 50 WPM on it which is only a bit slower than I am on a "normal" keyboard but perfectly servicable. I still have a number is mis-clicks, especially for keys that are in different places like +, but I think I'll be faster on this than on a regular keyboard eventually. The main thing I wish is that each piece had a threaded mounting hole on the bottom so I could easily mount it on a chair (been thinking of actually mounting it so my arms hang down to type for ultimate ergonomics). The icing on the cake for this setup would be to incorporate one of those old IBM nubbin mice, or a trackpad into the board so you could just leave your hands down forever.

Joe Valenzuela

Feels so solid and well constructed. The keys take a little getting used to - they require less pressure than I expected based on my previous Advantages - but after day typing on it I appreciated the shorter travel.

Love this keyboard so much

I really love this keyboard! I have an advantage2 and love that as well, however the aesthetics of the advantage360 were obviously incredibly appealing to me along with the split keyboard side of things. Currently working on finishing my setup which is quite unorthodox yet works perfectly with these. I have a keyboard tray attached to a kitchen counter (I'm a software engineer who basically just codes nonstop I don't do much cooking lol) and from that I have another smaller mouse pad tray coming off for a trackball mouse. Currently have two more mousepad trays coming which when attached will be able to hold the two sides of the keyboard perfectly, and at the perfect height to allow me to have my hands in as near a perfect resting position as I could hope to get it, allowing me to use my armrests while typing in an extremely comfortable fashion.

This keyboard has basically just perfected my setup and I am beyond happy with it. I got the basic version because I didn't need wireless, even the wired version is trivial to carry around, so I didn't see the benefit there really. Worst case I'll get a second for the office once more are in stock. I got extremely lucky and searched for this on a whim on google and found the Jestik entry there. Happy I stumbled upon it and ordered, didn't expect it to sell out so quickly. I did replace the home keys with my advantage2 keys because they are shaped slightly differently and catch your fingers, but that's a personal preference (I also like the blue on those keys, looks pretty nice with the advantage360)

Joshua Gaukhman
Awesome Keyboard

It blows away the old advantage I got the wireless one and love it!