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TV Wall Mounts

TV Wall Mounts

Sleek, Space-Saving TV Wall Mounts

Space is one of the most important elements of any home or office. It is one of the first and important things that both homeowners and business owners consider. Everyone wants it. Everyone enjoys it. Space allows us to breathe and gives us the freedom we need to move. That’s why mounting your TV is the ultimate space-saving solution for your home or business; it allows you get customized views and turns your TV into a piece of digital art.


Gone are the days of TVs being encased in bulky cabinets, gone are the days when the TV was shaped like a box. Today’s flat screen TVs feature super slim design elements, crystal clear image quality and high-tech features – the ability to connect to the internet, to your smartphone or wirelessly via Bluetooth.


The TV is no longer limited to being a piece of home appliance that belongs only in the living room; it is now a necessary piece of equipment that allows businesses to project stunning images for advertising purposes or for homeowners to complete their very own state-of-the-art home theater.


The Jestik Velox TV Wall Mount gives you precisely the kind of space-saving solution that you need for your living room, home theater, conference room, meeting room and lobby or lounge area.

Durable yet lightweight and featuring a slim, sophisticated design, the Jestik Velox TV Wall Mount is a superior TV wall mount that allows your TV to be the focal point and main attraction of any work or living space.


Aside from saving space, the Jestik Velox TV Wall Mounts feature swinging arms that will give you a full range of motion, so you can adjust your TV to an angle of your preference allowing you and your audience to get the best possible views. Its beautiful low-profile design not only makes your TV stand out, it also securely locks it in place. Another great feature is its efficient cable management system, seamlessly hiding unsightly cables and wires, giving you a neat, uncluttered space.


Just like all Jestik products, we can guarantee that your Jestik Velox TV Wall Mount is built and designed for built-to-last durability, assuring you that your TV will be safe and secure now and for the years to come.


Don’t look any further. The Jestik Velox TV Wall Mount is the perfect choice. Shop with Jestik now and enjoy low prices, free shipping, Lifetime Warranty and VIP Warranty.

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Jestik Velox TV Wall Mounts