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About Us

Change the way you work and play with Jestik.

You’re here because you want to know more about us, right? Well, you’ll soon find out that this page isn’t just about us, it really is all about you.

Yes, you.

We know that you have been hunting around for ergonomic solutions because maybe you want to create a more relaxing work space at home or maybe you’ve simply heard about our great range of monitor mounts and want to check us out.

Either way, whatever it is that lead you to us, we’re happy that you’re here and we want you to know that we understand one thing: you need a better way to work, a better way to play. Creating an ergonomic work and gaming environment can really make a huge difference.

Ergonomics is such a big buzzword, isn’t it? Search for a simple office chair and they’ll give you an “ergonomic office chair”, search for a basic sit stand workstation and they’ll give you an “ergonomic standing desk”.

You might be tired of hearing that word but the truth is, creating an ergonomic work or gaming environment is the best decision you will ever make.

And that’s why Jestik is here. By offering you premium quality ergonomic and electronic solutions, we want to be part of your story, we want to help you create a productive, relaxing work and gaming environment that’s cost-effective, practical and will last years.

For example, indulge us for a minute more and let us tell you about one of our best selling products – our monitor mounts. Why get one? Simple. Monitor mounts aren’t simply there for you to mount your monitor screen for easy viewing. It’s more than that. Our monitor mounts are packed with practical features that help you do what you do – but in better ways. You can easily adjust the height and angle of our monitor mounts to avoid neck pain, eye strain or back pain. With just one smooth swivel, you can show your screen to a colleague or client, sharing thoughts, building ideas and so much more. Our monitor mounts are popular because it works great, looks great and are highly durable.

We haven’t been around for as long as the other competitors in this industry. But that’s a great thing. We’ve used this as an advantage for us to study the market, study the competition and in effect, give you better products at the fraction of a cost.

Now, just a bit about us. We’re based in Marina del Rey, California. We have a great team that’s always looking for bigger and better ways to offer you ergonomic solutions and if you’re in the US, we offer free shipping for all our products.

Now let’s get back to you.It’s about time you change how you work and play. Life is more than just being chained to your desk. Be healthier, live longer and get more out of life with Jestik.