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Winston Sit to Stand Workstations

Meet Winston

The Innovative Winston Workstation is among the most popular innovative work
stations currently available in the market. This is regarded as the extremely
ergonomic sit stand solution and offered as a column-style converter. It is
equipped with the mechanism that enables you to conveniently and
separately adjust your monitors’ height from the work surface. Thus, the
workstation can be customized to suit any height regardless of whether you
are in a standing or sitting position. Also, this workstation comes with the
18.4" vertical adjustment, and the same desk converter works well with
users that are more than 6 feet in height.

Aside from its very reliable built and very functional set of standard features,
the Winston Workstation provides a quiet and effortless lifting mechanism.
This function is made possible by the workstation’s built-in counterbalance
along with the excellent craftsmanship and careful attention to detail placed
in each unit. Another good thing about this workstation is that it is sold with
a sturdy freestanding base as a standard feature. Given such, setting the
unit up becomes relatively easy.

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Innovative Winston Desk

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Winston Workstations For iMac

Great news for Apple users. With the Winston Workstation for Apple iMac, it’s now time to turn your desk into a healthy workspace. Do your work while standing, and prevent those adverse conditions linked with excessive sitting

The Innovative Winston Desk is also among the bestselling products included in the Innovative’s latest product line. The Desk converter is praised for its striking look that resembles that of the classic “Desk Riser.” This is also lauded for the fast and easy set up since it is delivered right at the customers’ doorstep as a fully assembled merchandise.

The good thing about the Winston Desk is that it can turn an ordinary work desk into a standing one in just a few minutes. It is blessed with a gasassisted lift mechanism that allows the user to easily switch between sitting and standing modes. This desk converter houses an upper surface that accommodates the display monitor and a retractable lower deck for the keyboard and mouse.

Although the Winston Desk does not offer all the ergonomics features found on the Winston Workstation, it takes pride in its 2-tiered design. This design makes sure that the monitors used for working are near the user’s eye level. It is also sold along with a handy retractable keyboard tray that the user can
use to securely stow their keyboard in place.

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The Winston E

The Innovative Winston E is among the most talked-about product in its segment. It is relatively popular since it is offered with all the desirable features as well as the advanced ergonomics functions provided by the Winston Workstation. The significant difference however between the two is the fact that the Winston E is assembled as an electric model.

The Winston E also significantly stands out against its Winston Workstation sibling since it is equipped with a quiet motor that provides smoother operation. Furthermore, it has a one-touch memory keypad that handles the workstations’ sitting and standing adjustments. Just like the Winston Workstation, the E version is equipped with the freestanding base as a standard feature. With this, the Winston E can be installed in a breeze. Aside from the features mentioned earlier, the Winston E is offered for sale
with the Innovative's focal depth adjustment. This patented feature is intended to enable the user to adjust the depths of the monitors quickly and easily. Given these characteristics, the Winston E is the electric desk converter that offers real and fully-functional ergonomics features.

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If you’re sick of sitting behind the desk all day, then another option would be to stand behind it. Here’s where the use of a standing desk converter comes in.

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