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Our Product Highlights: Yes, We’ve Thought of Everything

Yes, We’ve Thought of Everything

Free Shipping
We want to start there because we want to give you one of our favorite things about us. It’s free shipping for all products you see here. Yes, we hear you - everything.

Easy to Install
It will not take you all day to install our products. We only need a little bit of your time and attention and you’ll have years of ours.

Customizable to Fit Your Needs
As corny as it may sound, we do want to put you first. And also, the truth is, a good work or gaming space starts with YOU. What do you need? What makes you comfortable? And then with just a few swift, effortless motions, you can adjust, tilt and customize your Jestik product as much as you want.

Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer's Replacement Warranty
Although we assure you of 100% quality in all our products, there are very rare times when you will notice factory defects. Don't worry – with our 1 Year Manufacturer's Replacement Warranty, all products are protected from factory defects for an entire year.

For any and all other reasons that you might not be pleased with your Jestik product, we want to make it up to you with our easy, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Great Customer Service: the Jestik VIP Warranty and Lifetime Warranty
Our "VIP" Warranty stands for a "Very Important Promise": a promise that we will stay committed to you even after you have purchased a product with us.

The JestikVIP Warranty stands by our promise to you that we will do whatever it takes to replace, repair or refund your product, to let you know that we will care for you, after each and every transaction you make with us.

We also believe in giving you a lifetime’s worth peace of mind. Our Lifetime Warranty guarantees that all our products are protected against factory defects now and for the years to come.

From choosing to what’s best suited for you to any after-sales concerns, questions or feedback, our team is just right here, looking forward to help you out.