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Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Junior

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The Kangaroo Junior is smaller height adjustable desk top than the Kangaroo. Designed with a shelf to hold a laptop or a monitor with the monitor base attached, the shelf can be moved independently from the work surface.

It has a solid steel base plate which makes it very stable and comes with a stabilization leg to provide maximum stability when used standing.



Weight capacity

1 laptop or monitor up to 12 lbs

Platform Size

28" W x 18" D

Platform Height Adjustment

14.5" above your desk

Display Shelf Size

16" D x 9.25" W

Shelf Height Adjustment



Solid steel plate, 17.5" W x 16" D




  • Monitor shelf has 6.5" of adjustment independent from the work surface.
  • Stopping bolt feature locks location of main work surface.
  • Main work surface is adjustable 14.5" above your desk.