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Eurotech 4x4 Chair 49802A

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The 4x4 office chair is designed with a center-tilt that allows you to move gently backward and forward. With its simple seat angle adjustment, you can lock onto any tilt point for your own seating comfort.

Its backrest easily adjusts with the seat, providing good lumbar support. The seat and armrests are height adjustable to accommodate users with different body type and build. The armrests are also vertically adjustable for ergonomic support.




60 lbs

Chair Width


Chair Depth


Chair Height

37" - 40"

Seat Height Range

18" - 21.5"

Seat Dimensions

20" width x 19 (x3)" depth

Backrest Dimensions

19" width x 20 (x3)" height


Black (49802A-AT33); Charcoal (49802A-H5511); Navy (49802A-AT30); Burgundy (49802A-AT31)


    • Comfortable seat cushion that slopes at the front to lessen stress on the back of the knees.
    • Locks in any position to allow for comfortable seating and ergonomic positioning.
    • Adjustable arms and backrest to provide appropriate ergonomic support.
    • Tilts from the center to allow users to rock back and forth.
    • Height adjustable to accommodate a range of users.