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Focal Confluence 6 FCT-1000

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No doughnuts and coffee required here. The Confluence Standing Height Conference Table was created to, quite literally, take the seminar room to an level that is entire is new.

The Confluence is a seminar table that is adjustable-height. The tabletop efficiently glides up and down by switching the small hand crank on the desk's frame . A foot rest bar provides convenience while standing or using a Focal seat. The style is effortlessly sleek, modern and agile.

The Confluence Standing Height Conference Table keeps energy levels up and the tips which could be good because your conferences are too important to let them be a daydreaming session. And, because research demonstrates that upright meetings are shorter, more focused, and much more productive, Confluence is designed to make conferences matter.


  • The Confluence 6's sleek, space-saving design boldly goes where no conference table has gone before.
  • Powder-coated brushed recycled aluminum legs provide a stable and sleek base. The aluminum is extra lightweight, durable, and sustainable.
  • The German hand crank is an elegantly designed mechanism that lifts and lowers the table effortlessly. The crank's simple design empowers you to adjust your own table with ease- no call to facilities necessary.
  • The natural wood top is crafted in North Carolina and is designed to maximize space and minimize meeting time. The Confluence table's sleek shape is more compact than a traditional conference table, maximizing your use of space and enhancing collaboration.
  • Ergonomist tested and recommended.
  • Perfect for conference rooms, huddle rooms, war rooms, renovated cubicles and more.



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Focal Confluence 6 FCT-1000