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Focal Locus Seat FLT-1000

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Every day may turn with an espresso and end at spin class, but in between is a list that is to-do mile very long. Many mornings, the sunrise has been enjoyed by you and delivered 25 e-mails all ahead of the sleep of us have actually also clocked in. Rockstar you get it all done that you are.

You deserve a seat since smart as you might be. The Locus Leaning Seat is good for you.

The Locus Leaning Seat is considered the most chair that is radically responsive here. It's the match that is perfect your standing desk. No time before has a chair's design paid such homage towards the form that is human. We've eradicated most of the extraneous components of the office that is traditional, creating a boldly modern design that actually works along with your human anatomy's biomechanics to help keep you active, balanced, and involved.

The Locus Leaning Seat carefully rocks your pelvis ahead, neutrally stacking your backbone and engaging your core muscles. Its built to go you remain effortlessly active all day long with you so. Enjoy most of the advantages of your standing none and desk regarding the weakness.


  • The American-made wood base features an patent-pending angled foot ramp. This provides a stabilized base that supports you in the ideal 135 degree open hip posture.
  • The pivoting seat leg works with your body, enabling you to move effortlessly all day long. This keeps you energized, inspired, and in the zone. Studies have shown that making small movements while working stimulates circulation, sending oxygen to the brain and heightening concentration.
  • The seat has multiple adjustments enabling you to find your custom fit. The seat base and seat height adjust to fit users ranging in height from 4'11" to 6'8".
  • The seat pan is designed to comfortably cradle your bum. The seat's durable, easy-to-clean cushion provides the optimal level of support, reducing pressure points.
  • Ergonomist tested and recommended.
  • Perfect for home and corporate offices with any standing desk or height-adjustable work surface.



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Focal Locus Seat FLT-1000