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Goldtouch Bluetooth Wireless Comfort Mouse - Right Handed KOV-GTM-B

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Goldtouch proudly gifts ones Wireless bluetooth wire less soothe computer mouse, created from ones floor to come with your very own arms, arms, also hands and fingers that appropriate improve on mousing soothe also soothe. Anyone seek to provide you with pleasing mousing undertaking to exciting develop also user friendliness out of features.

Ones Goldtouch Wireless bluetooth computer system computer mouse is meant to reflect your very own hand-in that weightless setting. The exclusive ensures that your particular give is truly better-supported also softly tilts your very own wrist inside that twenty-four amount direction, assisting to shorten stress on the muscles also joint parts, as boosting ones herbal location of supply.

Additionally, ones Goldtouch Wireless bluetooth wire less computer mouse have a great oversized flash support to ensure that ones arms hold a comfy grasp from the computer mouse, without the need to use excessive strain on the flash. The oversized buttons make it possible for hands and fingers it doesn't matter what mass on touch without having the want to extend ir flex ones hands and fingers as part of intricate or possibly uneasy roles.

Goldtouch Bluetooth Mouse is compatible with PC and Mac and supports internal and external Bluetooth adapters.

Please Note: 

  • If your computer has Native Bluetooth support – purchase the KOV-GTM-B (listed here)
  • If your computer does not have Native Bluetooth Support- purchase the KOV-GTM-BTD (Goldtouch Bluetooth Mouse plus Dongle).
  • If your computer does not have Bluetooth support, BUT, you have already purchased KOV-GTM-B (Goldtouch Bluetooth Mouse), please order, KOV-GTM-D (Optional Bluetooth Dongle).
  • Goldtouch Bluetooth Mouse gives a more neutral wrist angle of 24 degrees that helps alleviate muscle fatigue and discomfort caused by pronation of the wrist.
  • Goldtouch Wireless Mouse’s over-sized thumb cushion lets you maintain a comfortable grip for hands of every size without increasing the pressure applied by the thumb.
  • Over-sized buttons enable the fingers to activate (press) without bending the fingers at the ineterphalangeal joints – reduces and alleviates arthritic discomfort.
  • Goldtouch Bluetooth Mouse is both PC and Mac Compatible and supports internal and external Bluetooth adapters. This model includes the Bluetooth (Dongle) Adapter that simply plugs into an open USB port on your computer. (Please note, you only need the Bluetooth Dongle Adapter if your PC does not contain a built in Bluetooth Adapter. Newer systems include a built in Bluetooth adapater).


    • The Goldtouch Wireless Bluetooth Computer Mouse features 1000 DPI optical resolution.
    • Bluetooth - supports internal and external Bluetooth adapters.
    • 2 AAA batteries included.

    System Requirements:

    The Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse supports Windows PC and MAC without requiring 3rd party drivers. 3 buttons support left and right click with center wheel click to activate scroll function on PC. 1 to 3 button support for MAC as supported by the OS version. 

    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Mac OS X 10.4 and later


    • Length – 4 ½ Inches
    • Width – 3 1/8 Inches
    • Height – 2 inches at the thumb, 1 inch at the small finger
    • Weight – 4.7 oz.
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    Goldtouch Bluetooth Wireless Comfort Mouse - Right Handed KOV-GTM-B