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Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard PC & Mac Compatible GTU-0088

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Providing ones Goldtouch V2 variable soothe computer keyboard-ones second demographic of your foremost-grade computer system computer keyboard. All of our ergonomic computer keyboard is distinctively meant to modify during zero-29° from the side to side jet to correctly straighten your very own arms, also zero-29° out of straight tenting to reduce strain on the muscles also line up your very own biceps and triceps also arms as part of a normal also welcome location.

Among the best aspects of ones Goldtouch V2 variable soothe computer keyboard usually they exclusively changes to suit numerous human anatomy . And so, each one of these in your house or possibly work environment are able to find personal really soothe location with this particular computer keyboard.

Ones Goldtouch V2 Variable Soothe Computer Keyboard GTU-0088 is truly computer & Macintosh Harmonious. It could smoothly connect with your very own desktop computer or possibly notebook computer system to that USB interface. Ones computer keyboard is truly a person-welcoming connect also enjoy service, which kind of doesn't need every 3rd party tool motorist setting up. You simply need find amongst computer or possibly Macintosh setting by utilizing ones controls from the returned regarding the computer keyboard. Ones GTU-0088 has six variable ft from the returned regarding the computer keyboard to allow end-users which will make many corrections. The essential standard adjusting is always to raise the two main forward ft to get a bad pitch, wherein your very own arms are in that simple or possibly downward location without tipped ascending. A differnt one is always to boost many of the six ft, if you are the use of computer keyboard trays, to increase the product further up a great inches just before achieving personal vibrant ergonomic computer keyboard corrections-its completely practical in the event the computer keyboard tray have that built-in wrist others.


  • Adjustability: The Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard allows for 0°-30° adjustment in the horizontal plan, combined with 0°-30° adjustment of vertical tenting to help straighten your hands, wrists, shoulders and back.
  • Soft key touch, low activation force and full key travel distance provides keying comfort and reduces risk from “bottoming out” when typing.
  • Compact size allows for use in limited space environments, and reduces shoulder abduction when reaching for mice and other peripherals.
  • Ease of use and intuitive design allow new users to adjust the keyboard to a comfortable typing position without additional accessories or attachments.

System Requirements:             

Please note, in order to switch between PC and Mac mode, you will need to move the switch located on the back of the keyboard to your desired operating system. Once you select your operating system, and plug your keyboard into an open USB port, the keyboard will automatically install the necessary driver software. 

  • Width: 16 1/4 inches
  • Depth: 6 3/4 inches
  • Height at home row: 30 mm or 1 1/4 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 lb.
  • Activation Key Force: 36g-42g average
  • Travel Distance: 3.6mm, +/- .5mm

Disclaimers: Do Not Plug your USB Goldtouch Keyboard into the USB Keypad. Your PC will not recognize the device.
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    Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard PC & Mac Compatible GTU-0088