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Gunnar Anime Onyx Frame Computer Eyewear ANI-00101

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The Gunnar Optiks ANI-00101 Anime Full Rim Color Enhanced Computer Glasses is an excellent 'out-of-the-box' way to boost your visual performance and minimize eye fatigue for those of you with 20/20 vision. Eyestrain, visual stress and dry eyes could be brought on by extended periods of digital screen viewing and office lighting. Gunnar’s digital eyewear filters out of the harsh, high-energy area of the spectrum and creates a more relaxed viewing experience to aid your eyes focus more naturally.

The amber lens tint, anti-glare coatings and ultra-pure lens material help provide sharper, clearer vision. Gunnar’s i-AMP lens technology is specifically engineered to reduce digital eyestrain and enhance viewing detail so you're able to focus longer, work more efficiently and feel more content. Created from aluminum-magnesium with a onyx frame finish, the Anime optics is designed to come up with proper strength and optical stability through a hybrid lightweight metal alloy.


  • Crystalline lens is engineered for the graphic designer, editor or artist
  • Created from acetate with an onyx frame finish
  • Lens is secured into the frame by the micro-engineered lenslock
  • Narrow fit frame ideal for smaller heads
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Gunnar Anime Onyx Frame Computer Eyewear ANI-00101