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Health Postures 6360 TaskMate Go Laptop

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The Taskmate Go sit stand desk is a sleek, cost efficient way to enjoy an excellent energetic work-style. So now you can effortlessly move from a sitting position to a standing position improving productivity and comfort and also have the freedom to move whenever you like. This model comes with Laptop Holder and monitor mount.

Just clamp the Taskmate Go sit stand desk to your existing work surface and mount your pc monitor. A simple squeeze of the easily placed lever is all you need to move your monitor, keyboard, mouse and other items into a comfortable standing position. Releasing the lever at the required height causes the unit to to lock into place giving you a sturdy, height flexible computer work station.

The Taskmate Go sit stand desk will likely not only keep you energetic and focused throughout your workday, it will likewise help you burn fat, lose weight and reduce back pain. It’s all in a day’s work for the Taskmate Go!

Discover the advantages of Movement

  • Have More Stamina
  • Burn Up Calories
  • Overcome Back and Neck Pain
  • Be More Effective


This advanced sit stand desk is chock-full of capabilities that set it apart from any other sit stand desks currently available on the market.

  • Freely move from a sitting to a standing position for comfy prolonged computing
  • Burns off calories while at work
  • Easily and securely attaches to most any work surface
  • Excellent keyboard tray with wrist rest standard
  • Very easy height adjustment
  • VESA standard monitor installing
  • Auxiliary work surface included
  • Built-in copy holder standard
  • Optional dual monitor mounting accessory available
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Heavy duty steel construction and simplified fool-proof design means that the Taskmate Go will give you many trouble free years of service
  • Taskmate Go sit stand desk positively locks into place at your comfortable working height
  • State-of-the-art 2-point clamping mechanism provides unparalleled strength
  • Compared with to competitors, this sit stand table top workstation can be used easily in a corner desk or cubicle situation
  • Built in document holder not only comes standard but can also be used as an IPod holder!
  • We provide a greater monitor height range for taller users
  • The Taskmate Go sit stand desk comes FULLY ASSEMBLED. Just clamp to your existing desk and you are geared up to work healthy and balanced!




Monitor Mount

  • VESA Standard Monitor Mount 75mm & 100m
  • Depth from monitor to wrist rest 22”
  • Weight capacity – 35lbs
  • Max. LCD Size Single - 30”
  • Max. LCD Size Dual - 24”
  • Tilt

Keyboard Mechanism

  • Sits 4” below the work surface in lowest position
  • Degree of keyboard tilt 0, 5°, 10°

Height Adjustability Specs

  • Travel Range - 18”
  • Tabletop is 3” from the surface when in the lowest position
  • Tabletop is 20.5” from surface in the highest position


  • Min. desk thickness 7/8”
  • Max. desk thickness 2”


  • Shipping Dimensions - 33” x 20” x 16”
  • Shipping Weight – 45lbs


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Health Postures 6360 TaskMate Go Laptop