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Health Postures Surface TaskMate 6254

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The Surface Taskmate 6254 from HealthPostures allows sit-stand stations for non-office, industrial usage. It features solid production and an easy-to-use, quiet apparatus. The height is adjusted simply by pressing a button. It's also an excellent solution for workstations which are accessed by more than one user. The TaskMate will come fully assembled.

What makes the Surface TaskMate 6254 simple to use is the fact that it'll fit securely onto an existing table, counter or workbench. The simple adjustability feature for the platform will accommodate many different tasks. Best suited for light assembly, packaging, shipping and a variety of other light manufacturing functions, the Surface TaskMate 6254 is an affordable alternative to more expensive height adjustable tables.

Other applications include adjusting the work surface for microscopes in a laboratory location and creating a more flexible POS system in a store setting. The user can raise or lessen the working platform to operate in a sitting or standing stance that is ergonomically appropriate. Adjustments are so simple that different users can simply get the most comfortable level during a shift change or if more than one person shares a work space.

Using the Surface TaskMate 6254 is a practical way to utilize a height adjustable mechanism. Company owners can integrate the Surface TaskMate 6254 into the workplace and eliminate renovation cost because there is no need to move counters or a work bench to make room for a huge and bulky sit-stand table. The rugged steel construction and simple design guarantees simple operation and a long life.

The sit-stand work style is a great investment protection and is less costly than treatment. Spend less money by decreasing workplace injury caused by a static work setting.

Alternating between sitting and standing elevates energy and maintains a workflow which helps work quality and productivity.

Minor adjustments and flexibility to move from sitting to standing allows a more satisfying work environment and increases morale.

The Surface TaskMate 6254 can help people feel physical comfort in their work environments. This will then be more likely to generate quality work in a shorter length of time, and also to have a more uplifting attitude about their jobs, contributing to overall workplace morale.

Features and Specification

  • Standard 14” x 11.5” work surface
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Conveniently shift from a sitting to a standing position
  • Easily attaches to most any work surface
  • Electronic height adjustment puts the work at your level
  • Minimize lumbar & neck pain
  • Non-slip pads and Velcro accessory for added strength
  • Ideal for multiple user work stations
  • Lifts up to 75 lbs.

Ways to Use 

  1. Put the TaskMate on you work surface
  2. Plug power cable into socket
  3. Easily change height by making use of 'one push' button control
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Health Postures Sit To Stand TaskMate 6254