HealthPostures 5050 Stance Move Sit-Stand Chair EXT

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The 5050 Stance Move with Seat Extension ergonomic standing chair is an inexpensive and substantial type of the Stance Angle stand up chair which imparts office and industrial workers the ability to sit, kneel and stand for the day.

This modern day, standing chair allows you flexibility to adjust positions easily throughout the day as it relieves pressure from your lower back and lessens down the stress on your feet compared to a long day of standing.  The innate movement you make throughout the day and the change of positions stimulates less fatigue and muscle aches making yourself hassle free.

The HealthPosture Stance Move Standing Chair 5050 provides you the complete comfortability with its padded seat and leg cushions while the long-lasting steel construction and balanced design will keep you on the go with the eight different positions that can be utilized.


8 different settings to provide sitting, kneeling, and assisted standing positions
Tilted footrest and padded let cushions for superior comfort
Front casters for easier movement
Seat extension available for 5’10” or taller individuals
Durable steel frame with a balance design