Humanscale 5G Under Desk Keyboard Trays System with Clip Mouse Tray

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Humanscale pull out or under desk keyboard trays has been a helpful workstation accessory for most dedicated workers. Admit it, it makes your job at the office or at home more relax than pounding on your keyboard on top of the desk.

Go ahead and check which keyboard tray system fits you from the two 5G variants available. Plus this is quick to ship!

Product Specifications:
• Dial-a-tilt and 6.25" height adjustable arm
• 900 / 950 Keyboard platform (see dimensions below)
• 8.5" Clip mouse platform
• Gel palm support
• 22" Track
• Color: Platinum
• Made primarily of powder-coated steel
• 15-year 24/7 warranty

900 Platform
Humanscale 900 keyboard platform dimension 19 inches by 10.625 inches

950 Platform
Humanscale 950 keyboard platform dimension 19 inches by 8.4 inches