Humanscale FM300 Ergonomic Foot Rocker

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Struggling on tired feet? The FM300 variants are designed to be the perfect accessory to an ergonomic work environment, it enhances your work experience at an extraordinary level.

Humanscale Foot Rests help get your feet moving to provide comfort. The gentle rocking of the feet can offer incomparable relief from static and prolonged sitting during work hours. It also helps engage lower leg muscles to increase healthy circulation.

The FM300B variant offers built-in massage balls to rejuvenate tired feet. In addition, both Foot Rockers offer three-inch height adjustment for custom positioning.

Height range: 3.75" to 6.75"
Dimensions: 11.875" D x 16" W x 3.75-6.75" H

Other Details:
Solid hardwood platform with steel frame
Non-skid surface


SKU                  Color                Massage Balls 
FR300               Natural                     No
FM300B           Natural                     Yes
FM300BDC      Dark Cherry             Yes