Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm

Silver with Gray Trim
Polished Aluminum with White Trim
Black with Black Trim
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Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm is designed to suit a range of settings. It makes every user become more comfortable by allowing allowing you to bring your work at hand in contrast to having the need to adjust to a static  monitor stand. M2 offers various options for easy height and depth adjustments and also supports an array of flat-panel screens that weight 3.6 – 9 kg  (8 - 20 lbs.).

The M2 monitor arm utilizes extension-spring technology to counter balance the weight of the monitor. Deviating from complicated designs, M2 Monitor Arm features long term durability and an ultra-thin design that can complement with flat-panel monitors and other attachments for a more comfortable and flexible workstation.

The Humanscale M2 is the monitor arm of the future. It can allow users to work in ease by setting the monitor at an optimal height and distance. Further, collaboration can also be done much easier as it allows effortless screen sharing and as the desk space is increased.


Arm Style: Fixed Angled/ Dynamic
Accommodates one monitor up to 20 lbs
Bolt-Through Mount with Base for (M2BS1S, M2BW1S, M2BB1S)
Two-piece Clamp Mount with Base for (M2CS1S, M2CW1S, M2CB1S)