Humanscale M8 Crossbar Monitor Arm

The M8 arm with crossbar features incomparable configuration for dual monitors. The side-by-side monitors can be easily adjusted for ideal alignment along with built-in-fine-tune adjustors, creating easy viewing and fine aesthetics.

The M8 arm with crossbar is capable of handling most monitors available in the market. Its high capacity construction boasts various design configurations such as quick release ball joint for easy installation and removal of  monitors. It also has an impressive cable management system to reduce cable clutter. Its 180-degree stop mechanism also helps to prevent wall damage from over rotation.

ts superb weight capacity, the M8 with optional crossover can be everybody’s solutions for a customized workspaces. In contrast to other high-capacity monitor arms with bulky designs, the M8 with crossbar allows flawless ergonomic functions and easy adjustment in a pleasing and modern articulating monitor arm.


Arm Style: Fixed Angled/ Dynamic

Crossbar accommodates two monitors, up to 20 lbs. each

Bolt-Through Mount with Base for (M8BW1C, M8BS1C, M8BB1C)

Two-Piece Clamp Mount with Base for (M8CW1C, M8CS1C, M8CB1C, M8CS1CD)

Color: Polished Aluminum with White Trim, Silver with Gray Trim, Black with Black Trim