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Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm

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Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm is created with the precise combination of durability, capacity and style. The Same with all of of Humanscale Monitor Arm products, the M8 provides you healthy alternatives by providing the freedom in setting one or more monitors at an ideal distance and height. The M8 also allows easy collaboration through effortless screen sharing and increased desk space.

With its strength coupled with flexibility, the M8 can accommodate single or dual monitor configuration that weights to as much as 40 lbs. In contrast to its counterparts with bulky designs, the M8 features easier adjustments and a more impressive ergonomic function.

The M8 Monitor Arm offers interchangeable link for additional reach and comfort. It also features a number of customizable add-ons such as universal slatwall, bolt through, wall stud mounting options, clamp and an optional notebook holder.


Arm Style: Fixed Angled/ Dynamic
Accommodates one or two monitors up to a total of 40 lbs
Bolt-Through Mount with Base for (M8BW1S, M8BS1S, M8BB1S)
Two-Piece Clamp Mount with Base for (M8CW1S, M8CS1S, M8CB1S)
Color: Polish Aluminum with White Trim, Silver with Gray trim, Black with Black trim