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Innovative 7000-T – Flexible Height-Adjustable Laptop Stand

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Create an instant docking station for your laptop with the 700-T Flexible Height-Adjustable Laptop Stand. It has the power of the 7000 articulating arm to let you move your laptop with just one hand. With its ergonomic design, prevent stiff necks and eye strains from happening as you perform your work with comfort.

FLEXmount will provide you six mounting options: desk edge, wall, thru-desk, side bolt, grommet, or reverse wall. If you need to change how your laptop is mounted, just change the mounting without the need to buy additional parts.

The laptop bracket can be adjusted to mount laptops of multiple sizes into a secure position. Even the ultrathin ones can be accomodated—the bracket’s clips will take care of that. If you’re done using your laptop, fold the stand to make some space so you can have the rest of your desk to other things.

The 700-T Flexible Height-Adjustable Laptop Stand is ideal for mobile workers who work on the go and leave when the job is done.

Vertical range: Up to 16" (40.6 cm)
Horizontal range: Up to 24" (61 cm); laptop stand arm retracts to about 3"
Weight capacity: Supports 1-14 lbs (0.5-6.4 kg) monitors
Additional laptop mount capabilities For laptops up to 16.5” X 9.1” in size (with clips), with thickness ranging from 0.9 to 2.1” (with clips)
Laptop stand: tilt 200 degrees
Rotation: 360 degrees at three joints
Mounting options: FLEXmount, Slatwall, Wall, Thru-Desk
Color: Flat White, Silver, Vista Black

Laptop bracket can adjust its width to accommodate laptops of different sizes; clips are available to hold ultrathin laptops
Laptop stand folds up to occupy a measly 3” of space
Six mounting options with FLEXmount
Articulating arm has 24″ horizontal range and 16″ vertical range; optional 6″ extender tube for additional vertical range

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