Innovative 7601-14 - Long-reach flat panel arm with internal cable man


The Innovative 7601-14 is just one of the best monitor arms on the market stretching out to 42 inches and allows over a 31 inch vertical height adjustment. This arm is most good for a sit stand application and permits anyone to put the monitor in an ergonomically correct position. The arm can be folded to consume just only inches of space. The tilt head can stretch over 200 degrees. The 7601-10 comes in Silver, Linen White, and Vista Black.


  • 31" of vertical range
  • 42" of horizontal range
  • Rotates 360 degrees at three joints
  • Cables are routed entirely within arm
  • Folds up to occupy just inches of space
  • Monitor tilter mechanism can tilt over 200 degrees 
  • VESA-monitor compatible - 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters included. Please call for non-VESA options
  • Optional upgrade to quick install/release monitor bracket. Consult your sales rep for details.
  • Model and Monitor Weight Range

Model                 Weight Range
7601-14-1000       0 - 8.9 lbs
7601-14-1500       2.1 - 15.5 lbs
7601-14-2000       6.1 - 24.1 lbs