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Innovative 8326 – Vertical Computer Mounting System

SKU 8326-13-248


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$104.30 - $165.90
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Color: Flat White

Create a working kiosk or a data entry station with the 8326 Vertical Computer Mounting System. The 8326 can elevate and support a wide range of computer systems. It’s ideal for industrial applications or healthcare settings.

There are a variety of options in using 8326 to let you customize, depending on your needs and available equipment. Choose the standard 13” wall track if you’re mounting only a monitor arm. The 19” track can support one CPU holder plus a monitor arm while the popular 31” track can hold a monitor arm, a CPU holder, and a keyboard arm. (Contact us if you got these additional requirements.)

Reduce the mess. Make your working area neat, safe and space-efficient with the 8326 Vertical Computer Mounting System.


Track length options: 13", 19" or 31"

Width of track: 4.4”

Color: Flat white, Silver, Vista Black


  • Integrated cable management system to keep your working space clutter-free from wires and cables
  • Available in standard 19” length (the 13" and 31" options are also available to meet your additional requirements)
  • Allows customization of your workstation, with choice of a monitor arm, a CPU holder, a keyboard arm, or a combination of these devices
  • Elevates your entire computer system to prevent accidents and tripping hazards


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