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Innovative 9105-FM – Heavy Duty Desktop Monitor Arm

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The 9105-FM Heavy-Duty Desktop Monitor Arm is exceptionally strong and durable, making it the ideal desktop mount for heavy monitors.

You got a choice of four models, with the highest one able to support monitors as heavy as 54 pounds, thanks to the arm’s steel construction. Still, you won’t feel the monitor is bulky at all, as the arm effortlessly do the lifting with a gas cylinder. There is also a spring-assisted monitor tilter for smooth monitor pivoting.

It also comes with FLEXmount, which offers you six mounting options. One good thing with FLEXmount is that changing the mounting from time to time won’t require you to buy additional parts.

The 9105-FM is good not only for large flat monitors but also for data entry workstations, where the arm is powerful enough to support both monitor and keyboard tray.