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Innovative 9105-XHD – Extra Strength Monitor Arm

SKU 9105-XHD-1500-FM-248


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Color: Flat White

The 9105-XHD Extra Strength Monitor Arm expands the lifting power of the 9105-FM heavy-duty monitor arm series. The 9105-XHD can now hold a monitor as heavy as 69 lbs and with a thickness greater than 3”. But you won’t feel the bulkiness as the monitor appears to “float” for easy positioning. This arm is extremely durable and also comes with specially reinforced FLEXmount for a number of mounting configurations. There is also a spring-assisted monitor tilter for smooth monitor pivoting.


Vertical range: Up to 15.5” (39.4 cm)

Horizontal range: Up to 24" (61.0 cm)

Weight capacity: Supports monitor 35.5-69.1 lbs (16.1-31.3 kg)

Monitor view: Portrait or landscape

Monitor tilt: 200 degrees

Rotation: 360 degrees at three joints

Mounting options: FLEXmount, pole, thru-desk

VESA Compatibility: Yes, 75-mm and 100-mm (VESA adapters included)

Color: Flat White, Silver, Vista Black


  • Integrated cable management system to keep your working space clutter-free from wires and cables.
  • The gas cylinder instantly raises, lowers and rotates your monitor; the flat monitor is rendered weightless as the arm do the effortless lifting.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction makes the arm very strong and extremely durable, able to carry monitors as heavy as 69 pounds.
  • Spring-assisted monitor tilter mechanism allows over 200 degrees tilting.
  • A variety of mounting configurations, including the specially reinforced FLEXmount.

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