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9198-4 - 01

Innovative Quadropod LCD Mount

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Mount 4 flat panel monitors with versatility to organize monitors in virtually any position desired. Includes 4 Model 7000 LCD Arms, articulating gas arms which provide complete freedom of movement. The arms suspend the monitors weightlessly above the desk - reposition monitors using your fingertips. Every single monitor can be moved independent of the others. Adjust monitor pivot and placement quickly as your needs change.

The Quadropod mount preserves big mounts of your valuable desk space, reducing 4 monitor stands' worth of space to a single pole mount. If you choose to combine the Quadropod with an Innovative slatwall or slatrail mount, it is possible to completely free desk space.

The Quadropod allows you to establish arm level at any required place along the included 28" pole. The Quadropod can be set up to accommodate 1 individual (with 4 screens), 2 people (with 2 monitors each) and even 4 people.

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Innovative Quadropod LCD Mount 9198-4