Innovative STX-33W – Staxx 3 Over 3 Monitor Mount – Wide

The Staxx™ Wide 3 Over 3 Monitor Mount holds up to six 30” monitors on a single pole. The pole can be mounted in six different ways. The monitors can be tilted and paned independently.

Three monitors are aligned on each row. The side monitors are attached on flexible extension arms and can be curved forward or backward to suit viewing preferences. You can also adjust the height of the monitors.



  • Multiple mounting options to adapt to your workspace.
  • Integrated cable management system that easily routes and conceals cables.
  • Scalable and allows for more monitors to be added by stacking more of the same parts.
  • Compatibility with Standard VESA (75 mm & 100 mm) mount monitors, adapter included.



Monitor Weight and Range

up to 10 lbs each, 30” wide & under

Pole Height


Display Tilt



10 year warranty