Innovative Winston Desk

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Turn your desk into a standing one in just a few minutes. The Winston Desk™ has a gas-assisted lift mechanism so you can easily switch between sitting and standing modes. It houses an upper surface for your display monitor and a retractable lower deck for keyboard and mouse. It is a simple sit-stand solution for your office.

Upon delivery, the Winston Desk™ comes fully assembled, so you don’t need to install or assemble anything. Just put the monitors on top and place the keyboard and other accessories in the lower deck, and you can now start your work immediately. Its solid base ensures a stable work surface along its vertical range. It also makes the Winston Desk™ strong enough to support up to 35 lbs of total weight.

Vertical range:  5.4” to 18.4”
Weight capacity: Supports up to 35 lbs (15.8 kg)
Base dimensions 34.6” W x 24.3” D
Desktop dimensions: WNST-DESK- 36 and WNST-DESKCR- 36: 36.0” W x
27.4”-30.9” D WNST-DESK- 42: 42.0” W x 27.4”-30.9” D
Desktop thickness:  0.6” (minimum 1.5” off desk)
Color:  WNST-DESK- 36 and WNST-DESK- 42: White, Black, WNST-DESKCR- 36: Black