Innovative Winston Workstation for Apple iMac

Good news for Apple users. With the Winston Workstation® for Apple iMac, it’s now time to turn your desk into a healthy workspace. Do your work while standing, and prevent those adverse conditions linked with excessive sitting.

This Winston Workstation® is made for single and dual monitor set-ups. If you’re using one iMac monitor, choose either the freestanding version (compatible with the iMac stand) or the VESA-compliant model. Also, you can mount two iMac monitors simultaneously with the dual VESA-compatible model.

A locking cylinder is present to mount both monitor and desk with stability. The desk’s surface is big enough to hold your keyboard, mouse, and other desk accessories. The built-in cable organizer ensures your desk remains clutter-free. With the free-standing base, you can retrofit this workstation in any corner of the office.

The Winston Workstation® for Apple iMac is ideal for graphic design studios, architecture firms, and other offices with iMac users.

Vertical range: 17” (43.2 cm)
Weight capacity: WNST-APL- 1: supports 10-26 lbs (4.5-11.8 kg)
WNST-APL- 2: supports 15-36 lbs (6.8-16.3 kg)
Desk surface dimensions: 30.0” (76.2 cm) W x 23.0” (58.4 cm) D
Mounting options: Freestanding, desk clamp
Versions: WNST-APL- 1: freestanding and VESA-compatible WNST-APL- 2: VESA-compatible
VESA Compatibility: Yes (Apple VESA adapter kit not included)
Color Flat White

The Winston Workstation® for Apple iMac can support up to two monitors. The single monitor WNST-APL- 1 model is available in two versions: freestanding and VESA-compatible. The dual monitor WNST-APL- 2 is available in VESA-compatible version.

Around 17” height adjustment range and a locking cylinder to keep both monitor and workstation in place. No need to adjust the parts manually.

Spacious worksurface. The large desk surface and convenient storage tray provide adequate room for keyboard, mouse, tablet, and other desk accessories. Everything you’ll need is within your reach.

Integrated cable management system to keep your working space clutter-free from wires and cables.

Two mounting configurations: the freestanding base and the desk clamp.

Available in white color that complements the iMac’s appearance.

Winston Workstation® is designed and assembled in the US.