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Innovative Winston Workstation for Apple iMac



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Innovative Winston For Mac

Good news for Apple users. With the Winston Workstation for Apple iMac, it’s now time to turn your desk into a healthy workspace. Do your work while standing, and prevent those adverse conditions linked with excessive sitting.

8502 – Apple iMac Stand Accessory (Sold Separately)

Amazing Height Adjustability

This Winston Workstation is made for single and dual monitor set-ups. If you’re using one iMac monitor, choose either the freestanding version (compatible with the iMac stand) or the VESA-compliant model. Also, you can mount two iMac monitors simultaneously with the dual VESA-compatible model.


A locking cylinder is present to mount both monitor and desk with stability. The desk’s surface is big enough to hold your keyboard, mouse, and other desk accessories. The built-in cable organizer ensures your desk remains clutter-free. With the free-standing base, you can retrofit this workstation in any corner of the office.

Ideal for work or home offices

The Winston Workstation for Apple iMac is ideal for graphic design studios, architecture firms, and other offices with iMac users.


  • Vertical range: 17” (43.2 cm)
  • Weight capacity: WNST-APL- 1: supports 10-26 lbs (4.5-11.8 kg)
  • WNST-APL- 2: supports 15-36 lbs (6.8-16.3 kg)
  • Desk surface dimensions: 30.0” (76.2 cm) W x 23.0” (58.4 cm) D
  • Mounting options: Freestanding, desk clamp
  • Versions: WNST-APL- 1: freestanding and VESA-compatible WNST-APL- 2: VESA-compatible
  • VESA Compatibility: Yes (Apple VESA adapter kit not included)
  • Color Flat White


  • The Winston Workstation for Apple iMac can support up to two monitors. The single monitor WNST-APL- 1 model is available in two versions: freestanding and VESA-compatible. The dual monitor WNST-APL- 2 is available in VESA-compatible version.
  • Around 17” height adjustment range and a locking cylinder to keep both monitor and workstation in place. No need to adjust the parts manually.
  • Spacious worksurface. The large desk surface and convenient storage tray provide adequate room for keyboard, mouse, tablet, and other desk accessories. Everything you’ll need is within your reach.
  • Integrated cable management system to keep your working space clutter-free from wires and cables.
  • Two mounting configurations: the freestanding base and the desk clamp.
  • Available in white color that complements the iMac’s appearance.
  • Winston Workstation is designed and assembled in the US.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

It operates very easy and smooth to operate

Vickie T Maeder
Five Stars

I absolutely love the Innovative Corner Standing Desk. Decreased back and hip pain since I started using it. I can't thank my boss enough for getting it for me.

Gregory B.
I love this!

I purchased this model M4B Innovative over the comparable VariDesk because of the following benefits: extra workspace on the upper section, lower cost, better stability when raised (moves straight up vs. up and out), and the taller position when raised (19.7' vs. 17.5') since I'm 6'3' tall. With my desk measuring 29', I do wish the Innovative raised another 1-2' for my height. The upper surface is large enough for my 24' monitor and 16' Laptop w/ docking station plus a bunch of sticky notes, pad of paper, calculator, etc. Love the extra workspace on top!However, my biggest complaint is the keyboard tray's overall depth. There is a center section between the supports that's deeper, but it's not wide enough for a standard keyboard (with number pad) to slide between. The space is only 16-5/8' wide. Just about every keyboard out there is 17-1/2 to 18' wide. With the standard keyboard pushed back against the supports, it doesn't leave enough room to rest my wrists on the surface while typing. It only leaves about 1.5'-2' in front of the keyboard. I've tried to resolve this by ordering a small keyboard w/o the number pad, but I've been disappointed with the quality of these small keyboards and miss the number pad that I use daily for entering data into spreadsheets. If it weren't for this glaring design error, I'd rate this at 5 stars.

D. Ruban
Pretty Good Product, But It Could Be Better.

After using this for a couple of weeks, I absolutely love it. Easy to lift/lower, fits perfectly on my L-shaped desk. Setup was super-easy - they did away with screwing the keyboard holder onto the desk, so now you just slide it in (no tools necessary!) - basically, no setup required. I did have to buy a smaller keyboard to be able to slide it in a bit more forward. I also purchased the Loctek D5D dual monitor mount, which works very well with this desk.

Mark Schumacher
I have already recommended this product to several coworkers

I purchased the Innovative Standing Desk 41 to use at work. I purchased this product because of Price and because it is a corner unit. I also like the fact that the table movement is straight up and down, and not on an arcing motion.I have been using the product for a little less than two weeks. I find that I am spending much of my time standing at the desk. I know that I can sit, but I find that I raise the desk when I start the morning, and keep it raised much of the day. I immediately realized that I get up often when working, and standing at the desk allowed me to move more freely to retrieve files or other needed items from a near by file cabinet.I am using the Innovative with the Locktek D5HD Dual Monitor Arm. The arm allows me to move the monitors where I want them, and it gives me security knowing that the monitors wont fall off the Innovative desk top. I have two older Dell Monitors (24') that weigh about 15 pounds each. I find that the two monitors and monitor stand are a lot of weight on the top of the desk. I can raise and lower the table top, but not as easily if the monitors did not weigh so much.The one thing I don't like about the Innovative is its keyboard tray. I use a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard. This is a rather long keyboard, and it is deep. The Innovative Keyboard tray is plenty long to accommodate the Microsoft Keyboard, but it is not quite deep enough (the distance from where the keyboard attaches to the Desk to the very front of the keyboard tray). One review I read here on Amazon commented about this. So I was aware of this when I purchased the product. My solution was to purchase a quarter sheet of thin plywood, and add a thin layer on top of the keyboard tray that would better support the Microsoft Keyboard. This has worked well, but it causes one problem. The keyboard, being between me and the desk, causes me to lean a bit when raising and lowering the desk. It would be better if my Dell Monitors were not so...