Winston Workstation Desk Converter

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Amy D Fedak
Looks good

Have purchased a few for our office. Pretty easy to put together and easy to use.

Elizabeth Hack
Check out my kindle holder!

Perfect for what we needed!

Jonny U
Did the job.

Easy to set-up, but does take an hour or so.I have been using it every day for about a month, and it is great. Really a quality product, raises and lowers easily and perfectly, and provides a very stable / solid platform to type on both in the down and up positions.Only note...footprint area under surface and monitors has to be (or even better, kept) clear when lowering as there is no sensor to detect a block and stop the motion. Depending on what the item is, may cause the Winston-E Electric and Monitors to tump. I have gotten in the habit of doing a visual confirmation of 'clear' every time before I hit the 'down arrow.'My experience has been great...I spend 75% of my time standing (vs sitting) now, and really enjoy it. Equally productive--maybe more-so as I work at 2nd area (all through-out the day, just a few steps away, amounting to about 15% of my time) so when I get back to my desk, there is no settling in (sitting down, rolling the chair up to the desk, and getting started.) In the Stand-up position, I find that I am checking the monitors (getting my bearings so to speak) as I am walking up...left hand lands on the Laptop Keyboard, and right hand lands on the Logictec MX Ergo Wireless Trackball (great too.)

Ada Yang
Innovative vs. VariDesk

I got this to help my lower back pain at work, I have had it for a few weeks and it is already so much better! This desk is just what I needed with the electrical buttons making it so easy to adjust. Assembly is also much easier than I thought it would b

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