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Intellaspace Economy Keyboard Arm & Tray 29132

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The Intellaspace Economy Keyboard Arm & Tray 29132 is primarily created totally of metal which conceivably considered by weight or volume. The metal provider says that the metal is normally designed up of 20 to 25% recycled metal, or scrap metal that coupled with better metal even though the smelting procedure. Every metal within our items is 100% recyclable. Each scrap metal developed as the production procedure processed. The second greatest step is the packaging stuff. The lead ingredient applied is cardboard. It is made of 75% reused material and is 100% reusable. As a point in fact,  Intellaspace recycles its cardboard. There are a a few small plastic elements in the item. Usually, the plastic-type elements made of 25% recycled materials. It is fair to say this product is made from 25% recycled content and it is really 100% reusable


Rise Keyboard Arm

• Track Length: 21"
• Height Adjustment: Lift and Lock™
• Tilt Adjustment: Soft Touch Knob
• Tilt: +10º/-15º
• Positive Tilt Lockout: N/A
• Height Range: 5.25"
• Base Swivel: 360º
• Material: Steel
• Finish: Black Powder Coat


Simple Keyboard Tray

• Polymer wrapped MDF
• Swivel mouse surface for easy adjustment
• Stick on firm foam palm rest
• Mouse platform easily mounts right or left
• 19.75” x 10.5”, plus 9” diameter mouse surface





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Intellaspace Economy Keyboard Arm & Tray 29132