Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm Model JM-GA124C

This premium dual monitor mount features solidly-built arms that are equipped with a Gas Spring Mechanism which counterbalance monitors up to 27” or 17.6 lbs. Packed with fully adjustable features, the arms also allow you to smoothly tilt and swivel the monitors to suit your needs. Easy to install, great to look at and guaranteed durable to last years, this is a dual monitor mount that’s the perfect choice for both work and play.

Sometimes, in life, you need to double up your A-game. Jestik helps you simplify with the Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm, where you can securely mount dual monitors and making it easy for you double the productivity both at work and at play. With a smooth, swift swivel, its great features make sharing your screens with clients and colleagues a breeze, making collaborations a simple and easy process.

This dual monitor mount features solidly-built arms that are equipped with a Gas Spring Mechanism which counterbalance monitors up to 27” or 17.6 lbs. very precisely that you can level the same size monitors regardless of the height. Fully adjustable, the arms also allow you to tilt and swivel the monitors to suit your needs.

The monitors are attached to the arms via a 75 or 100 Standard VESA Plate ensuring that you have that extra freedom to fully rotate the monitors 360° in one smooth and effortless motion, no wobbling and free of annoying, unnecessary movements.

A single elegantly designed base clamp connects the two arms to give you that much needed extra work space and the added versatility of having the monitors side to side or back to back, whichever you prefer.

Overall, it’s flexible, durable and secure dual monitor mount that not only looks great but also matches you pace for pace, both at work and at play.

Now let’s tick off some of its great highlights, shall we?

  • Gas spring tension adjustment for counter-balance height adjustment
  • Quick vertical adjustment which stays steady and secure regardless if they are completely extended OR COMPACTED
  • Monitors can be displayed side by side or back to back


Product Description

Gas Spring

50,000 times sturdier than the coil spring mechanism and easier to operate, the Gas Spring Mechanism act as a counter balance and gives tension to the arm. This ensures that the arm can accommodate smooth and easy flexibility of a swiveling display. This makes it much more easier to show your screen to a client or share your screen with a workmate and then easily swivel it back the way you prefer it.

Don’t worry about eye and neck strain. With one fluid motion, you can easily rotate your monitors to your desired angle.

Oh, and did we mention it looks great too? Its professional design instantly adds a great, seamless look to your work space.


Two Arms,
One Solid Base

Like with any structure, a strong, solid base is highly important. We took that in consideration in the Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm’s design.

This heavy-duty base ensures that the arms can hold two monitors between 15 and 27 inches with a maximum load of 17.6 lbs.

It also features a superior height adjustment option engineered to give you perfectly leveled monitors.


Great Distance Range
Perfect for Multiple Users

Collaboration has never been this easy.

If your team is working together on one project, you don’t need to head over to the conference room. With the Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm, you can easily move your monitor screens up to 22 inches from its base providing a great view for everyone.


Ergonomic, Comfort Grips for
Easy Adjustments

An ergonomic solution, the dual monitor arm features a comfortable grip to prevent wrist tension when adjusting it.

Once in a while, you need to adjust your monitor arms. We understand that and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make those necessary adjustments.

That’s why we’ve designed these dual monitor arms with comfort grips that are ergonomically designed to prevent painful wrist tension.


5-Minute Assembly and

Five minutes. That’s all you need to assemble and disassemble our dual monitor mounts.

This ensures that we won’t take up so much of your time should you need to assemble or disassemble the monitor arms.

It’s fast, quick, easy and in an instant, you’re back to working or gaming.


Sleek, Sophisticated

A great look is important. That’s why the Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm is designed in a sophisticated combination of black and chrome, giving it a sleek, professional look that would work well in any work or gaming space.


Lightweight and
Durable Aluminum Body

What’s the secret to the lightweight yet super strong body of our dual monitor arms? Aluminum. Yes, a lightweight and durable material, its aluminum body ensures full support to two large and heavy monitors. The body also houses the cables for a better and more effective wire routing and organization.




Guaranteed Steady and

In life, we all want the assurance of tools that are steady and stable to help us in our everyday needs. That’s one of the first things we thought about in the design of the Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm.

Its superior construction and design ensures durable monitor mounts that will remain steady and stable for years to come.


Sharing, collaborating and building ideas with your clients and colleagues are made a thousand times easier with the Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm. That’s what this product is all about – the power of sharing and generating ideas; a simple swivel shows your screen to others, making it doubly easier for others to input ideas into your current projects. It really is a simplified solution to the art of multi-tasking.

Due to its ergonomic and adjustable design, it’s easy to lighten up your work space and get more out of life. We want you to be increasingly productive at work so you’ll have more time for the important things: family, friends, play time with your children or a relaxing glass of wine shared with a loved one.

One of its number one features is a Gas Spring Mechanism that is proven to work 50,000 times better than the conventional coil spring mechanism. This feature is the chief reason why it’s so easy to rotate and swivel this dual monitor arm. Neck and eye strain are a thing of the past. It also features ergonomic comfort grips that help making adjustments easier and pain-free.

Working with your team on a single project? No problem. Everyone can sit back as you can move your monitor screens up to 22 inches from its strong, super sturdy base, providing a great view for everyone.

More importantly, the Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm can be installed in just five easy steps. All the instructions and tools you need are included in the box. We assure you that in just a few minutes, you’ll have your dual monitors up and running.

It’s really all about simplifying life. Oh, and it looks great too. After installation, you’ll find that the Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm has given your work space an instant, sleek upgrade.

Technical Specifications

  • Securely fits two monitors between 15” and 27”
  • Stable support for up to 8kg maximum load for each monitor
  • Tilts 90 degrees to 85 degrees for optimum viewing experience
  • Swivels 180 degrees for added versatility
  • Rotates 360 degrees for fully customizable views
  • Supports 75/100 VESA patterns
  • Gas Spring Tension System offer adjustable counter balance to the monitor's weight
  • Quick and convenient assembly and disassembly
  • Efficient Cable Management System
  • Polished aluminum color for a seamless, professional look
  • Aluminum material provides elegant and sophisticated appearance
  • Comes with Clamp mount and Grommet mount for your convenience
  • RoHS compliant to assure you of high quality

What’s in the box?

  • Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0
  • Installation kit
  • Provided screws and Allen keys
  • Manual


Lifetime Warranty

We stand by the high quality of our products 100% but there will be instances where the product will need to be returned or replaced.

To give you the peace of mind you deserve, our Lifetime Warranty offers you a simple and straightforward guarantee: that now and for the years to come, your Jestik product is covered against all types of material and workmanship defects. No loop holes, no fine print. Just reliable service and a promise that Jestik will give you the best possible care now and throughout your entire lifetime.



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not happy and want your money back? We understand that, too. 

That’s why as soon as your Jestik product arrives at your doorstep, we encourage you to open it, inspect it carefully and test it to see if it works well and is exactly what you need so that, in the event, that it doesn’t seem to live up to your expectations, you have 30 days to return the product and have us process a refund – easy and no harm done.



The Jestik VIP Warranty

You might think that we are no longer part of your life once you complete your transaction with us. Well, that’s not true.

The Jestik VIP Warranty shows you, our customer, that we are committed in providing you the best care possible even after your purchase.

The VIP Warranty stands for “Very Important Promise”. A testament that should you need any assistance in your Jestik product, if it requires repair or replacement, we will provide you premium assistance at no cost to you, regardless of what caused it and why, we are here to help you.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Making you happy is our top priority. That’s why we have equipped your Jestik product with everything that you need to keep you 100% satisfied.

Once you purchase with us, you enjoy a 12-month Manufacturer’s Guarantee. Ensuring you that from the day you receive your Jestik item and 12 months after that, we will take care of your item and more importantly, you.

Our 30-day Money Back Guarantee lets you return the item you purchased back to us and we’ll immediately process a refund, no questions asked. We stand by the high quality of our products 100% and we do our best effort to give you the highest quality, sometimes you are just not happy with what you bought. The easy, hassle-free 30-day Money Back Guarantee is our way to make up for that.

Jestik’s VIP Warranty is also a sure-fire way to keep you happy. VIP stands for “Very Important Promise”, a commitment we keep with you, our customer, that for whatever cause or reason, we will repair or replace your item at no cost to you.

You see, we don’t want to stop our relationship with you once you complete your transaction with us. We want you to know that for as long as you have a Jestik product, you are cared for and we are here to help.

Our friendly customer service team is also happy to be of assistance should you have further questions about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.