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Jestik Multi-Bild 4 Over 4 Monitor Mount

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A multi-monitor user’s dream come true, the Jestik Multi-Bild 4 Over 4 Monitor Mount offers you several benefits for the price of one. Its easy configurability is one it’s chief features and a favorite among Jestik customers. Why? Because it is specifically designed so that removing, replacing and adjusting monitors is a breeze. If secure support for up to 8 monitors is what you’re looking for, it provides that too, arranged 4 over 4 for the ultimate in space-saving design. You can position the monitors flat or tilted up to 200° depending on your personal preference. For your convenience, you can choose from a range of mounting options: static column, height adjustable column, pole and rail mounting.

Product Description

Creating a responsive, ergonomic work or gaming space is not as difficult (or as expensive) as you might think. Sometimes it requires only changing one thing. That’s where the Jestik Multi-Bild 4 Over 4 Monitor Mount comes in. Great for all types of industries and applications, no matter what your passion is, it is truly a monitor mount that provides a myriad of benefits.

Its unique, simplified design allows for almost endless configurability. Due to its system of columns, beams and joints, configuring your monitors are a breeze. To remove a monitor, you don’t even need to slide or remove the other monitors out of the way. This is because you can simply detach it straight from the beam. To add a monitor, you just need to extend the beams and columns and attach another monitor. To adjust the space between monitors, you can loosen the joints on the beam and move the monitors side-to-side.

Featuring built-to-last durability, it can provide extremely secure support to up to 8 monitors weighing up to 30 lbs. each. To save precious work space, it is arranged 4 over 4. It’s also completely customizable. You can tilt, swivel or rotate your monitors to change from portrait to landscape in a few swift movements. These customizable features greatly minimize health issues such as eye strain, back pain or neck pain.

To ensure you have a work or gaming space that’s neat, tidy and organized, it also features a nifty cable management system that allows you to organize and route cables efficiently. This helps in giving you a space that’s free from any dangerous physical hazards. Also, depending on your preference, you can choose from a variety of mounting options: static column, height adjustable column, pole and rail mounting.

We’re also proud to say the Jestik Multi-Bild 4 Over 4 Monitor Mount is made from 99% recyclable content and is assembled in the USA. So, if you’re looking for that one thing you need to change to give your work space that’s ergonomic andis environment-friendly too, look no further – the Jestik Multi-Bild 4 Over 4 Monitor Mount is exactly what you need.

Product Features at a Glance

  • Like all Jestik Multi-Bild multi-monitor mounts, it offers robust, solid construction with a clean design aesthetic
  • The Jestik Multi-Bild triple monitor mount's easy-to-adjust hinges enable monitors to be mounted flat or in an arch
  • Adjusting and replacing monitors are a breeze. Simply attach, adjust, and remove the monitor straight from the beam. No need to slide other monitors out of the way
  • Tools are stored in the beam end cap, never out of reach, which makes loosening and tightening the pivot points to the desired rigidity a simple endeavor
  • An efficient cable management system offers a simple way to organize and route cables, giving you a tidy, uncluttered work or gaming space
  • Mounting options for the Jestik Multi-Bild triple monitor mount include static column, height adjustable column, pole and rail mounting
  • For maximum comfort, the Jestik Multi-Bild triple monitor mount can be installed with an optional height adjustable column offering you seamless height adjustment up to 10 inches
  • An environmentally friendly product, Jestik Multi-Bild triple monitor mount is made from of 99% recyclable content
  • Assembled in the USA

Build Features

Product Specifications


Mount Type


Bild Rail -  Mount Bild to rail. Compatible with static column only. bild-rail-mount.gif
Bild Thru - Bolt Through your Desk bild-thru-mount.gif
Bild Clamp -  Clamps to surfaces up to 3" thick. bild-clamp-mount.gif


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