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Jestik Smart Printer Cart

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If you're planning to add extra storage space to your current work area but you don't know where to start, the Jestik Smart Cart is the perfect solution!

It's a great, all-around utility cart that can easily carry your printers and all other work essentials. With three strong, solid shelves and a weight capacity of  10kg./110lbs., it also features an ample drawer so you'll have a place for everything - paper, documents, folders, etc. Its side grooves can even accommodate small office supplies such as pens, staplers, paper clips and more.

Its unique, stacking columns offer an ingenious way for height adjustment. Simple stack columns until your reach your desired height. With smooth, four maneuverable rolling casters and two locking mechanisms, it's a breeze to roll the Jestik Smart Cart in and out between rooms or closer to your desk whenever needed. It also features an integrated cable management system that's an effective way to conceal and route cables and wires, minimizing clutter and maximizing space.

Extra storage that's extra smart. Buy the Jestik Smart Cart today.

  • A SMART CART THAT DELIVERS. Need extra storage space for your printer and other office supplies? The Jestik Smart Cart is the answer. Its stacking columns make it fully height-adjustable and convenient to set up. Its three spacious shelves has a weight capacity of 10kg./110lbs. and can easily accommodate most types of printers and all other printer accessories. Even its side grooves offer handy space for essentials such as pens, staplers, paper clips, etc. Its ample drawer is also great for other supplies.
  • ROLLING IN WITH EASE AND CONVENIENCE. The Jestik Smart Cart features four maneuverable smooth rolling casters with two locking mechanisms, allowing you to easily roll it in or out between rooms or simply closer to your desk as you print documents. As it is fully-height adjustable, it's easy for you to customize it to a height that suits you best.
  • UNIVERSAL FEATURES THAT'S GREAT FOR OTHER THINGS, NOT JUST YOUR PRINTER. If you already have a spot for your printer but you also need more space for other office essentials, the Jestik Smart Cart is great as a utility office cart that's perfect as extra storage. The top shelf can hold your coffee while the two lower shelves and drawer can hold all other essentials that completes your work day.
  • MAXIMIZE SPACE, MINIMIZE CLUTTER. The Jestik Smart Cart is just the right size. Small enough that it won't get in the way yet spacious and stable enough to hold all your essentials. It also features an integrated cable management system that effectively conceals wires and cables to decrease clutter and increase precious space.
  • PATENTED DESIGN, DURABLE WORKMANSHIP, GUARANTEED SATISFACTION. The Jestik Smart Cart features a patented design that focuses on making your work day easier. Fully height-adjustable, it is the perfect extra table or storage space for all your office supplies. Jestik works hard to produce ergonomic work essentials that are durable and guaranteed to last. The Jestik Smart Cart is certainly no exception. Buy one now and experience the Jestik difference.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Size: 500x330x635mm
  • Max.Load: Each  Layer 10kg/22lbS
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Jestik Smart Printer Cart