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Monitor/Printer Stand with 2 Drawers, Black

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A simple yet essential product, the Jestik Smart Stand 2.0 is a monitor stand that provides an all-around solution to giving you a healthy and stress-free work day. It also works well for printers and other office machines.

Fully height adjustable, its unique stacking columns allow you to decide which would be the best height for your monitor. Once you set it to the perfect height and angle, common work-related health issues are greatly reduced - eye strain, neck strain and back pain will be a thing of the past. For your other work essentials and supplies, a drawer and ample clearance is provided in between the stacking columns. You can be sure that your monitor and work essentials are securely in place as it the Jestik Smart Stand 2.0 is made from durable materials. A non-skid EVA foam column base prevents scratches and scruffs on your work surface while a nifty cable management system effectively conceals and routes cables.

If you can change just one thing about your work space today, what would it be? Make it the Jestik Smart Stand 2.0.

  • GIVE YOUR WORK SPACE A FACE LIFT, RAISE YOUR MONITOR TO THE RIGHT HEIGHT. Just one small change can make a world of difference. Change the way you work with the Jestik Smart Stand 2.0, a smart, simple and effective way to raise your monitor to just the right height effectively reducing work-related health issues - eye strain, neck strain, back pain, etc. Its unique stacking columns gives you the freedom to choose the best height for your monitor that works for you. It's also great for printers and other office machines. 
  • A HARD WORKER LIKE YOU DESERVES STRONG, SOLID SUPPORT. A good support system keeps us in the groove and gets us up and going all day, every day. The Jestik Smart Stand 2.0 provides your monitor with all the support it needs. It can easily provide solid support for up to 10 kg./22 lbs. and 13" - 32" monitors ensuring that essentials are securely in place. It also features a  non-skid EVA foam base protects your work surface from scratches and scruffs.
  • MAKING ROOM FOR WHAT MATTERS. Because we know that your monitor isn't the only thing you need to achieve your daily goals, the Jestik Smart Stand 2.0 features a drawer and ample clearance between stacking columns, providing room to fit a small laptop, tablet, phone and other supplies.
  • DECLUTTERED SPACE, UNCLUTTERED MIND. Decluttering your work space isn't as complicated as you might think. The Jestik Smart Stand 2.0 provides a simple cable management system that effectively conceals and routes wires, giving your desk a clean, tidy, professional feel.
  • PATENTED DESIGN, DURABLE WORKMANSHIP, GUARANTEED SATISFACTION. The Jestik Smart Stand 2.0 features a patented design that focuses on what is best for the human body. Fully height-adjustable , you can say goodbye to stressful work days. Jestik also works hard to produce ergonomic work essentials that are durable and guaranteed to last. The Jestik Smart Stand 2.0 is certainly no exception. Buy one now and experience the Jestik difference. 


Technical Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Size: 500x330x168mm
  • Max.Load: Each Layer 10kg/22 lbs.
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