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Jestik TidyLinx Aluminum Cable Organizer (Black)

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Cable management is an oftentimes overlooked aspect of setting up a home or a business for essentials such as data, electricity, computer hardware and other equipment such as LED TVs, modems, routers, phones, gaming devices - you name it - all these are dependent on high quality cables. Without cables and wires, your space will virtually be non-functional.

The Jestik TidyLinx Cable Organizer offers you an all-in-one solution for keeping your work or gaming space safe from possible health hazards, providing your cables protection from wear and tear and more importantly, keeping them concealed and organized for a tidy, clutter-free, Zen-like space.

Featuring a patented hinged and click-lock lid, the Jestik Tidylinx allows you to easily hide cables in just a snap. Its smart, simple design also allows you to add or remove cables as many times as you need. The Jestik TidyLinx is made from high-grade aluminum and its surface is finished with oxygenation/powder coating assuring you of years of durability.

A tidy space, an inspired mind and a productive day starts with the Jestik Tidylinx Cable Organizer.

  • DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE, ONE CABLE AT A TIME. When working or gaming becomes a huge part of your life, wires and cables are some of the things that you will have to deal with. Declutter your space easily with the Jestik Tidylinx Cable Organizer, a nifty product that allows you to efficiently route and organize cables giving you a simplified way to a clutter-free, hazard-free work and gaming space.
  • TIDY YOUR SPACE, INSPIRE YOUR MIND. Research shows that a tidy, organized space helps clear your mind and inspire you to become your best - all day, every day. With its patented hinged and click-lock lid, the Jestik Tidylinx Cable Organizer conceals unsightly cables, transforming your work or gaming space into a harmonious haven of productivity.
  • ENJOY PERKS OF CABLE MANAGEMENT: SAVE SPACE, TIME AND MONEY. Cable management can sometimes be overlooked. However, it is one of the most essential practices in every work space. The Jestik Tidylinx Cable Organizer effectively hides cables therefore saving space, it also saves wasted time from untangling and differentiating cables and it protects cables from wear and tear, saving you the cash that you need to spend for replacing cables.
  • MIND OVER CLUTTER: MAKE YOUR WORK SPACE MATTER. Your work space matters because you matter. Managing your cables through the Jestik TidyLinx Cable Organizer promotes a safe and hazard-free space that prevents you from possibly tripping over cables, causing serious health risks. Whisk away cables, keep them hidden from view and be safe at all times with the Jestik TidyLinx.
  • ACHIEVE THAT SEAMLESS, PROFESSIONAL LOOK. You do your best to achieve one thing: to be the very best that you can be. Whatever inspires you - your family, your passions, your life - you will always want a space that reflects your professionalism and expertise. Made from high-grade aluminum with its surface finished with smooth oxygenation/powder coating, the Jestik TidyLinx seamlessly fits in with your work or gaming space.

Technical Specifications

• Material: Aluminum
• Surface Finish: Oxygenation/Powder Coating
• Available Color: White, Silver, Black
• Product Size: 60x20x1100mm
• Installation: Mounting Screw
• User Manual Included

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Jestik TidyLinx Aluminum Cable Organizer (Black)