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Triple Monitor Arm

by Jestik
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Whether you are a worker, a gamer, or both, you need good tech to support your tech. A good desk setup is as important as solid computer hardware. Freedom flexibility, and versatility aren’t words that come to mind for most people as they sit at their boring old desks of the past.

Whether you are powering through a big assignment at work, or just logging those sweet weekend gaming hours on your favorite computer setup, a conventional desk will be putting lots of strain on your back and neck.

Enter the Jestik Trinity monitor stand. The vertical and 360 degree adjustability features mean that you can game safely, confident and comfortable in the fact that your desk is complementing the unique comfort needs of your body.

You’ll feel the difference in your neck when the gaming binge is over.

Desk real estate is a precious commodity that none of us ever have quite enough of. If your work space or gaming station is in a perpetual state of disaster, you know what we are talking about.

The Jestik Trinity mount won’t be able to do anything about your pens, papers, and other debris that collects over the course of a working day. But, it will do something even better—put that bulky three monitor setup of yours out of the way, and in perfect positioning for comfortable viewing.

Meet Trinity- the Future of Triple ARMS

Unique Form, Unmistakable Performance

The Trinity elegant design has been precisely engineered to deliver unparalleled performance across the arm’s entire range of motion.

See the Big Picture

With support for a single monitor up to a 27 inch screen size. The Trinity allows you to work the way you want without sacrificing style.

Instant Transformation

Trinity installs entirely from above the desk surface and requires few adjustments during setup, greatly reducing installation time compared to the competition.

Aesthetic Adaptability

Whether you want to fit in or stand out, The Trinity can match your style.

360 View

So, go ahead - rotate all three screens as desired, swap seamlessly from portrait to landscape, tilt the angle to your desired preference; you will discover that the Jestik Horizontal Triple Monitor Mount can be customized to suit the needs.

Huge Viewing Angles

This monitor arm will give you the full freedom to optimize your setup to your exact specifications, making time at the desk as comfortable as possible.

You Pick Your Style

Probably because they haven’t spent time with the Jestik Trinity Triple or Dual Monitor Stand. A high end, super durable monitor arm perfect for anyone with an LCD style screen, and a hunger for quality.

Optimize Your Work Space

This monitor arm will give you the full freedom to optimize your setup to your exact specifications, making time at the desk as comfortable as possible.

A premium product at a moderate price, the Jestik Trinity Monitor Stand has something for everyone.

Smart Use of Space


A Smart Use of Space: Free up precious desk real-estate by mounting up to three monitors on a high quality mounting arm that looks professional, and performs with precision.

Adjustability: 360 degrees of adjustability gives you the opportunity to tilt, swivel, and change up the positioning of your screen(s) to ensure that you are perfectly comfortable in any position.

Uncompromising Stability: Work or game comfortable and confident in the fact that your gear is in safe hands. A durable mount with uncompromising stability, the Jestik Trinity mount will be able to sustain up to seventeen pounds worth of weight, keeping all of your stuff safe and sound.

Vertical Adjustability: Add ergonomic adjustability to your setup via a quick vertical adjustment feature that allows you to seamlessly keep your workspace optimized to your exact specifications.



  • Solidly built so that you can mount up to three 27" for Triple Capacity or up to two 32" for Dual Capacity.
  • Heavy-duty design and engineering to support monitors weighing up to 17 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty design and engineering to support monitors weighing up to 17 lbs.
  • Freely and quickly switch from portrait to landscape orientations with the smooth 360° turning feature
  • Enjoy clutter-free, organized work or gaming space with easy, effective cable management system.
  • Fully-customizable features add ergonomic versatility and maximum viewing comfort requiring no tools. A quick setup that will only take a few seconds of your time.
  • Fully compatible with 75×75 and 100×100 VESA monitor mount patterns.


Not happy and want your money back? We understand that, too.

That’s why as soon as your Jestik product arrives at your doorstep, we encourage you to open it, inspect it carefully and test it to see if it works well and is exactly what you need so that, in the event, that it doesn’t seem to live up to your expectations, you have 30 days to return the product and have us process a refund – easy and no harm done.

You might think that we are no longer part of your life once you complete your transaction with us. Well, that’s not true.

The Jestik VIP Warranty shows you, our customer, that we are committed in providing you the best care possible even after your purchase.

The VIP Warranty stands for “Very Important Promise”. A testament that should you need any assistance in your Jestik product, if it requires repair or replacement, we will provide you premium assistance at no cost to you, regardless of what caused it and why, we are here to help you

Making you happy is our top priority. That’s why we have equipped your Jestik product with everything that you need to keep you 100% satisfied.

Once you purchase with us, you enjoy a 12-month Manufacturer’s Guarantee. Ensuring you that from the day you receive your Jestik item and 12 months after that, we will take care of your item and more importantly, you.

Our 30-day Money Back Guarantee lets you return the item you purchased back to us and we’ll immediately process a refund, no questions asked. We stand by the high quality of our products 100% and we do our best effort to give you the highest quality, sometimes you are just not happy with what you bought. The easy, hassle-free 30-day Money Back Guarantee is our way to make up for that.

Jestik’s VIP Warranty is also a sure-fire way to keep you happy. VIP stands for “Very Important Promise”, a commitment we keep with you, our customer, that for whatever cause or reason, we will repair or replace your item at no cost to you.

You see, we don’t want to stop our relationship with you once you complete your transaction with us. We want you to know that for as long as you have a Jestik product, you are cared for and we are here to help.

Our friendly customer service team is also happy to be of assistance should you have further questions about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Dan L.
Great Stand But Hard To Where You Want It

If it wasnt for the huge base(It takes all the space for my keyboard and mouse i would have given this product 5 stars).The good news you don't have to use the base because it also comes with a clam that attaches to your desk.Pros: Really easy to put together Quality materials and sturdy construction Two mounting Clam or BaseCons: Huge base(I guess physics win this time)

Great product

Update... technical support was quick and fast to help me get my problem solved. This stand now rocks. It's very inexpensive and feels solid. Just make sure you tighten the swivel joints prior to mounting the monitors. I will definitely buy another one.

Works great with three PG279q ASUS monitors

I was very skeptical that a stand could securely hold 3 23 inch monitors with stability. I'm a skeptic no more.Once you get the base and pole in your hand you'll have do doubt about its stability. Rock solid!Next test is the two outer monitors. With the middle monitor mounted, I put on the right one. That generated a little concern because of the stress placed on the arm joint. No concern about tipping- just concern whether the joints on the arm would hold. Once I put on the third monitor on the left it all seemed to balance out weight wise and my concern about the two joints was eliminated.Very easy to put it all together. And I can easily bend the two outer monitors to a 45 degree angle- probably could go further if I wanted.High quality construction all around. The beauty is that I can move the stand around on my desk if needed.Only thing to beware of: the base is heavy - it needs to be. A person with a good solid back is required for set up.Highly recommended!

IT Guy
Your 3 monitors will be happy

Stand works great and fits my monitors well. I use a 25' ultrawide and two 21.5' standard monitors (16:9).Only complaint is that's it's not very stable, as it has the modular design (you can take out the monitors fairly easily). Also it's hard to keep the monitors at the same level/even with eachother, but that can be more on my side as they're different.Overall, great product and the price is alright.


A fantastic product, easy to install and setup. Exactly as described and I would 1000% recommend this product to anyone looking for a triple monitor mount. Not to knock on the other products, but this one his less than half the price of the other leading brand product and is just as good. My friend purchased the 'other' product and this is just as good but at a better price point. The build quality is phenomenal. No worries about sag from the stand or the base. A no doubt purchase from a highly satisfied customer!!!!!