Kinesis Freestyle Edge Gaming Keyboard Split Keyboard


Are you a gamer? Are you shopping for the ultimate gaming keyboard? Look no further than the new Freestyle Edge gaming keyboard. First class gaming keyboard thick and through. Built from the ground up with the gamers intuition at its heart. The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is the worlds first split keyboard specifically for gamers. Fully adjustable 20" braided cable gives you the ability to adjust your keyboard the exact way you want it. The evolution of a gaming keyboard has reached its peak with the Kinesis Freestyle Edge gaming keyboard. Boost your gaming performance to the next level and do it with ergonomic comfort.



  • You choice of MX switch Brown, Red, and Blue 
  • Completely programmable with the Freestyle Edge SmartSet and no Software needed.
  • Up to 9 dual-layer layouts 
  • Up to 20 inches of separation
  • NKRO Mode and Gaming Mode
  • Braided Cables
  • Easily detach palm rests
  • Control your sound and other functions with multimedia controls
  • Extreme response time 1ms
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting
  • Memory Onboard 4mb


Freestyle Gaming  

Small Foot Print

You get to decide on how you want to adjust your keyboard. Work from the standard layout to a split layout.

Fully Adjustable Keyboard 

Tired of the standard keyboards? The Freestyle Edge allows you to adjust to conform to your body and your hands. Small or large you can game in comfort.

freestyle edge front clip
Freestyle Edge Large Split

What Split Gaming Keyboard?

Thats right the freestyle edge offers 20" of sweet seperation so you can use an oversized mouse or a wheel for racing games. This keyboard was truly built with gamers in mind.

Long Range Shooting

If you trying to take the impossible shot or just cleaning house and owning everyone on the server. The Freestyle edge allows for precicion in low DPI Gaming. Play to win the game.

Frestyle Edge Kinesis

Freestyle Edge Flexibility


Twist and rotate your keyboard or get nice in cosey with your team on a LAN tournment. Left handed or right handed you can move the keyboard to the way you want it.

Raise it up

Add the additional lift kit to take your gaming experience to the next level. Choose from three heights. When you go tent you never go back trust me.

Freestyle Edge Tented