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Kinesis Maxim Combo Split Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Keyboard KB210USB

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The top rated Kinesis Maxim adjustable ergonomic computer keyboard is truly the only ergonomic keyboard certified to use the Microsoft "combo" USB/PS2 technology. All Maxim keyboards are delivered as native USB, yet include a PS/2 adapter for those systems that only have a PS/2 port. A single keyboard now connects to any PC OS as well as legacy PS/2 systems.

A whole lot narrower plus useful than "herbal-form" key boards. Ones Maxim meets a number of owner tastes.


Variable Split

Considerably more flexible than "natural-style" keyboards; no adaptation required. Choose any opening between 0 and 30 degrees, a wider range than "natural-style" keyboards. By "splaying" the keyboard modules it positions your wrist and hand in a natural posture greatly reducing ulnar deviation.

Adjustable Lateral Tilt

Select 8 or 14 degrees - providing practically twice the tilt of the Microsoft Natural keyboard. This lets users to lessen forearm muscle tension (pronation) without the pitfalls of too much tilt.

Narrow Footprint

Your mouse is perfect where you need it - not at arms extent! Even fully divided, the Maxim is narrower compared to what the new "narrow" Microsoft Natural Elite. In an average split configuration, the Maxim keeps your mouse significantly closer than with any "natural-style" keyboard, cutting down on over-reach problems.

Extractible palm supports

Comfortably padded to take the weight off of your shoulders without hurting your hands and doing away with wrist extension.

Quiet and Haptic Switches

Key switches provide a soft touch and positive feedback. Full n-key rollover supports optimum typing speed and multi-key combinations.

Convenience in Configuration

Adjustability enables the Maxim to adhere to the user's choices. Optional dedicated 10-key enables the user to place it where they want it.

An amazing warranty

The Maxim carries a two year limited warranty.


  • Width- 15.1 inches with 0 opening angle chosen. Optimum width is 19 inches when entirely separated
  • Height- 1 inch with 0 lateral tilt used. Max required clearance is 3.5 inches if fully lifted
  • Depth- 6.5 inches with palm supports taken out. Depth is 10.3 inches with padded palm supports affixed


Appropriate with essentially any PC system with an available USB port or PS/2 keyboard port.


  • Peak force: 45 grams
  • Activation force: 36 grams
  • Travel distance: 3.66 mm
  • Switch type: Rubber dome, membrane


  • The Maxim adjustable keyboard is excellent where moderate-cost and multi-user ergonomic solutions are necessary.
  • Less adaptation time implies no lost of work productivity for new users.
  • Enhanced accessibility to editing keys and closer positioning of the mouse indicates greater work flow and improved employee comfort.
  • Longer product life and reparability signifies exceptional ROI.
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Kinesis Maxim Combo Split Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Keyboard KB210