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Our Products: Trust Us, We’re More Than Just Your Average Ergonomics Solutions Provider

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Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount:
Making Room for What Matters

Smooth, ergonomic, simple and durable. This is what the Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount is all about.

Offering you a great, ergonomic solution, it allows you to securely mount up to three 15" to 27" inch monitors, it's capable of supporting up to 17.6 lbs per mount and is packed with features that give you that smooth swivel, that swift tilt and fluid rotation, making it easier for you to share your screen, to build ideas with a colleague or client or to simply say goodbye to window switching once and for all.

At Jestik, we never compromise quality because we want to be along for the ride for as long as possible. So we've made sure that the Jestik Horizon is designed to last you years. Whatever your passion might be, whatever industry you're in, the Jestik Horizon will be with you for years to come.

Its space-saving design and efficient cable management system allows you to simplify and declutter your space, making it neat, tidy and free of any physical hazards. It also includes a nifty Anti-Theft Kit that ensures your monitors will be protected when you’re not around.

It looks great too. It’s got all the right bells and whistles that makes for a premium triple monitor mount but it its design is perfectly seamless, polished and professional - well-suited to any work or gaming environment.

Through the Jestik Horizon, we’ve created simplicity in your work or gaming space. Even more importantly, we want to help you be in a space that inspires your body and mind and help you become more productive at work or at play; achieving this all in a manner that's healthy. Our goal here is simple: to give you more room for the things that truly matter: a soothing cup of coffee enjoyed with a loved one or spending some quality time with family and friends.

The Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount is the best-kept secret in the world of ergonomic electronic solutions. What are you waiting for?


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Our Products: Trust Us, Weu2019re More Than Just Your Average Ergonom