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Penclic Wireless Mini Keyboard

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Black - K2B
White - K2W
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A little innovation – a lot smarter way of working

Penclic has taken the keyboard to a new level combining contemporary Scandinavian design, function and ergonomics without sacrificing comfort for size. Enjoy the simple and sleek design of Penclic's ergonomic mini keyboard.

Minimized size. Maximized comfort.

Reclaim your desk with Penclic's Mini Keyboard and create a healthy working position while you're at it. The compact size allows a more relaxed and natural working position to help reduce RSI issues from occurring. Furthermore, the optimal 5 mm profile lets you to free up more space on your desk. The answer is less clutter on your desk which gives you more to be glad about.

Your desk will thank you. Your fingertips will too.

Penclic Mini Keyboard's comfortable low Quiet-touch keys minimize noise while you are working. The normal size keys provide a good tactile feeling which results in a quick response when typing, creating a relaxed and efficient time in front of the computer.

Place yourself in a better working position in front of your computer

Not only is Penclic Mini Keyboard stylish and attractive, the tonality and design is also of importance for your well-being. The keyboard gives off minimal reflection, and usually matches the color on your computer screen. This is a visual ergonomic improvement, implemented to enhance user experience. The contemporary and relaxing colors make the keyboard as easy on your eyes as it is on your fingertips.

Penclic Mini Keyboard is offered in two models, a wireless K2 and a corded C2 and available in several languages variations in black and white. 

A keyboard you didn't know you needed until now!



  • The supported platforms for Penclic Mini Keyboard are all operating systems that support HID 1.1. These include Windows XP or later, Mac OSX version 10.1 or later and most Linux/BSD flavors. No extra software/driver installation is needed. Mac operating system does not support all special functions
  • USB connection
  • Scissor keys
  • Charging via USB 
  • Nano USB-receiver 2,4GHz, wireless reach minimum 5 meters
  • AAA 1.2V NiMH Recharging battery (Everyday use last approximately 2 months before charging is needed). Remember to recharge the battery before you use the keyboard the first time
  • LR 03/AAA/1.5V Alkaline None rechargeable battery can be used. NOTE: DO NOT RECHARGE


Special functions (blue text) are activated by holding the Fn key and then pressing one of the keys showing in the picture to the right.


Num Lock actives the numpad funtions which is the smaller orange numbers.


Penclic Mini Keyboard K2 (wireless) has 1 LED indicating battery status.


Battery status


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Penclic Wireless Mini Keyboard