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FlexiSpot ClassicRiser



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Color: BLACK

The Flexispot ClassicRiser is a series best selling range of height adjustable sit to stand desktop. It allows you to maintain a healthy position while working and makes the transition between sitting and standing work modes effortless. Compact and ideal for compact offices

The ClassicRiser comes with a deeper desktop surface area to accommodate your monitor, laptop, tablet and documents. The 35" (M2) supports 30" single monitors and 24" dual monitors while the 47" (M3) supports up to 30" dual monitors. The 41" is designed to fit in corners and can hold 30" single monitors and dual monitors up to 27". Each has a separate, removable platform for your keyboard and mouse.


Allows easy transition

It takes little effort to change between sitting and standing work modes with just a light squeeze of the hand bars. This allows you to lower the workstation with minimal effort even with the maximum load. When raising the fully-loaded desk (35 lbs is the maximum weight capacity), you need 13 lbs of force to lift it up and only 3 lbs to take it down.

Support better posture

Every detail of our standing desk riser is designed to help you maintain a comfortable and ergonomically correct position – whether standing up or sitting down.



  • Easy one-step assembly.
  • Available in three size options.
  • Wide and ergonomic removable keyboard platform.
  • Straight up and down movement with 12 height settings.
  • Compatibility with ergonomically designed monitor mounts.
  • Spacious work surface can accommodate multiple displays and/or gadgets.





Weight Capacity

35 lbs  (M2)

44 lbs (M3)

35 lbs (M4)

Desktop Dimensions

35"(W) x 23.2"(D)

46.9"(W) x 23.2"(D)

41"(W) x 23.1"(D)

Keyboard Platform Dimensions

35"(W) x 12.8"(D)

35"(W) x 12.8"(D)

34.6"(W) x 12.8"(D)

Height Adjustability Range

5.9" to 19.7"

5.9" to 19.7"

5.9" to 19.7"

Color Options

Black (M2B), White (M2W), Mahogany (M2MG), River Walnut (M2RW)

Black (M3B), White (M3W)

Black (M4B), White (M4W)


Fiberboard & steel

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