About Humanscale

Humanscale has produced award-winning, top-quality desks, monitor arms, chairs, and other home and office solutions. Check out their top-selling products.


Based in New York City, the Humanscale Design Studio is a vanguard in the industry when it comes to designing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling ergonomic home and office products. Their products free up movement and ensure proper typing posture.

The heart of each Humanscale product revolves around maximum sustainability, longevity, simplicity, and functionality. Using the best materials and the latest principles and technologies in ergonomics, Humanscale guarantees a healthy and positive impact on the end user.

Humanscale has partnered with top entities in the industry, including famous designer Niels Diffrient who designed the iconic self-adjusting Freedom chair. The company also partnered with highly respected industrial designers Don Chadwick and Todd Bracher for many of its products.

Such ingenuity, creativity, and engineering expertise have made Humanscale the proud and honored recipient of more than 200 awards. Several of their award-winning products are featured in museums, including the Museum of Modern Art.


Here are some of the most popular product lines of Humanscale Design Studio.

Ergonomic Chairs

Humanscale’s home and office chairs are designed to conform to the user’s body. The Freedom Chair, Humanscale’s signature chair product, ensures proper sitting posture, optimized support, maximized movement, and ultimate comfort. Dynamic headrests, counterbalance mechanisms, and fully adjustable armrests are some of the many features of the Freedom Chair.

Humanscale Standard Freedom Headrest
Humanscale 900 Keyboard Tray

Keyboard Trays

Typing for long hours can be strenuous, exhausting, or even unhealthy. Humanscale changes that with their top-quality adjustable keyboard trays. Their top-selling Humanscale 900 keyboard tray, for example, allows the user to type in the most natural, relaxed, and healthy way. Humanscale keyboard trays are easy to install, take up less space, and can be used with virtually all kinds of work desks.

Sit Stand Solutions

According to research, people work better and more efficiently when standing. Humanscale understands this fact and creates innovative solutions for those who prefer working on their feet. Recognized as the decade’s best office accessory at the Interior Design Magazine’s 2015 Best of Year Awards, the Quickstand Sit to Stand Workstation allows the user to easily transition from a sitting working position to a standing position while maintaining a high degree of ergonomics.

Humanscale Quickstand Sit to Stand Workstation

Other Products

Humanscale also designs and manufactures high-quality ergonomic home and office solutions including:

  • monitor arms and integrated docks
  • separation panels
  • lighting systems
  • technology tools
  • cable management solutions
  • home and office workstation accessories
  • gaming peripherals and solutions
mobile technology carts for the healthcare industry